Thai Bar-B-Que [A Review]

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OF all Asian cuisine, Thai food has got to be one of my favorites. For a while, Hong Thai remained my favorite Thai restaurant in Milwaukee, but this past Sunday the top spot now goes to Thai Bar-B-Que, a restaurant on the south side of Milwaukee. It's located on 34th and National and the menu satisfies a full range of tastes; from true Thai people to first timers.

Parking is available, but the lot is pretty small. We parked on the street. The interior is thoroughly decorated with memorabilia from Thailand. Golden masks, statuettes, and gilded frames with pictures of their most popular dishes on display. The restaurant is very clean and cozy.

The menu is amazing! Pictures accompany every item on the menu, even the appetizers. Plus with the help of a detailed description of every dish, it makes one more comfortable with trying new things.

For starters, Chhally and I shared skewered Thai BBQ chicken. It came out quickly and looked unbelievably juicy and perfectly grilled. Included on the plate; a cup of sweet and sour sauce and carrot curls. It was amazing and flavorful. The way they seasoned the chicken was perfect. The carrot curls were a nice touch and a good compliment to the chicken.

Chhally ordered #76, the Kao Nar Ped. Described as, "Steamed rice topped with roasted duck and sauteed vegetables on the side." I had #75, the Kao Kra Tiem Prigthai. I chose the pork stir fried with garlic and pepper.

Our food arrived in less than 10 minutes. Just looking at the plate made me happy, then the first bite. I cried a little. Maybe even moaned. Which probably made dinner for the other customers a little awkward, but I didn't care. This food was goooooood.

*All pictures were taken with Chhally's iPhone* Click to ENLARGE!

The portions were more than enough. Chhally and I were both full by the time we were halfway through our plates. But still I wanted dessert. They had a plethora of CLASSIC Thai desserts to choose from. I scanned the section and found it. My favorite, Sweet sticky rice and mango. I quickly ordered it when the waiter stopped by to see if we needed any to-go boxes.

The sticky rice was green instead of the usual white, which I loved! Because it provided an awesome contrast to the mangos. The dish was fun to eat and pleasurable to look at. The crinkle cut mangos were great because they didn't slide around in the dish so much. It's hard to find a restaurant that has perfected this dish, but this would have even my Mom's approval.

Our check came in a wooden Thai chalice, along with two fortune cookies.

The service was great, the food was amazing and authentic. The restaurant itself was pretty. Overall, Chhally and I both had a good experience here and we whole-heartedly recommend it. WE WILL GO BACK!

3417 W. National Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53215

FRI - SAT: 11AM-10PM

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