First Post! An Introduction..

by - 11:55 AM

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vicky Sithy and I am a photographer, writer, baker, and life enthusiast. I own my own photography business called Sithy Photography and have been successfully enjoying this hobby for 5 years now. I've also recently added restaurateur to my resume, opening a Thai & Chinese restaurant in March of 2012 and a second Asian fusion bistro in November 2013. 

I initially decided to create a blog to share baking recipes and photos, combining my love of food and sweets with my love of photography; creating some serious eye-candy, thus, the name Sugar Junkie.

Then, I started traveling. My new found adventurism lead me to try new things. 

Now I write about traveling, beauty, product reviews, questions from readers, tips and how-to's, life lessons learned and everything else in between. I'd love for this blog to inspire others to enjoy the sweet things in life, just as I am trying to everyday. So welcome to my blog and enjoy by following me through my addiction to all the sweet things in life.

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