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We went to AJ Bombers on a double date with some of our best friends Eric and Marci. All of us were giddy and just couldn't stop talking about it all day before the dinner because we've heard so many good things about this place. It won the title of Milwaukee's Best Burger against Sobelman's in Food Wars. I am ridiculously in love with Sobelman's burgers, so I had to see what AJ Bombers offered.

We went a little crazy and pretty much ordered everything.

But at AJ Bombers, the ordering process is so easy! They give you a form where you can check-mark, circle, and write specific add-ons to what you want.

I ordered the famous Milwaukee Burger. A quarter pounder with WI Colby Cheese, Nueske's Bacon, and onions. With a side of sweet potato chips. Chhally ordered the same burger but with regular fries.

The Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls. These exceeded my expectations and were actually REALLY good.

Their Onion Strings were amazing.

My friend, Eric, ordered the Poutine. We've never heard or seen anything like it but were told it was the holy grail for all french fry lovers. The menu tells us it's a Canadian favorite. Crispy french fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy. Out of ALL of the food we devoured at AJ's, the poutine is what I love (and still crave to this day) the most. I would go back just for this dish.

But back to what we came here for! Do I personally think that AJ's has Milwaukee's Best Burger? I have to admit, that although it was good and the meat was cooked perfectly, EATING the burger was a torturous process. As I ate more of it my bread buns became more and more soggy. The larger cuts of onions didn't do good for the eating process either. The burger was tasty but compared to the toastier bread buns and perfectly proportioned toppings of Sobelman's, AJ's comes in second for me. My friend had the Bomber Burger (another burger they had on their menu), and said that THAT one was the best burger he's ever had but he did agree that the bread buns were soggy. Our whole table agreed that they should just combine the bread and toppings of Sobelman's with the patty and cheese of AJ Bomber's to create the ULTIMATE Milwaukee Burger!

As far as great atmosphere, AJ Bombers has it. Decor is awesome and they also have outdoor seating. The whole place is scribbled with everyone's pen and sharpie marks. And it's true about the peanuts. Peanut shells are everywhere and their "peanut bombers" fly above and around the restaurant on tracks to drop off peanuts to different areas. Great place to bring kids, unless of course they're allergic.

Overrall, I would come here for the sides such as the poutine, buffalo chicken eggrolls, and onion strings.  Note: I did not like the sweet potato chips that I ordered. They look crunchy but have a rubbery, tough, chewy texture to them. But we all really enjoyed our experience! Our server was very helpful and walked us through everything, answering all of our questions. All of our food came out all together and quickly despite a full house. I'd love to come back for a night of appetizers and drinks with some friends.

Don't forget to check out our trip to Sobelman's!

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