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I'm a budget-girly through and through but where I tend to splurge is on experiences. Most people will tell you that you have to choose between experiences or materialist items such as clothing, items for your home, personal belongings, etc. I disagree and believe that you could have a balance of both experiences and still have a decent collection of things you love. For me, finding good deals on outfits or clothing that make me feel confident and stylish are important. Your clothes are an extension of your personality and hobbies, which could include travel.  

Outfits Inspired by Travel 

I've put together a curated list of the perfect travel outfits, striking a balance between budget-friendly outfits that are also stylish and charming. Now be forewarned that there are a few items that are not so budget-friendly but I promise these are unbelievably good quality items that can be reused for a multitude of purposes and trips, over and over again. Girl math! These are my tried and true favorites along with inspo pics to inspire your world-travel wardrobe or your every day outfits for fall, summer, or even on-the-go. 

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Greece Outfit Ideas 

If Greece is on your bucket list, plan for it immediately. Seriously, start saving now. The vibrant streets of historical Athens and the breathtaking views of the island of Santorini are calling your name. Traveling to Santorini, most specifically the town of Oia, can be costly - but you can offset your getaway with affordable yet stylish outfits. Trust me, you don't need to break the bank for that Grecian-inspired look. Think flowy maxi dresses in shades of Santorini white and blue, accessorized with statement earrings reminiscent of ancient Greek aesthetics. Mix and match lightweight fabrics and earthy tones, paired with versatile sandals for days of exploration. These are my favorite outfits for Greece! Read about each outfit in detail for tips or jump to the list below to start shopping. 

Greek Outfit #1: 

I think the most iconic looks is the classic white flowy dress with blue accents to match Santorini's aesthetic. Paired with brown leather sandals or a white, chunky heel ($38.99) + chunky gold hoop earrings (55% off right now for Black Friday, only $13.57 for a set of 6!). This dress was very versatile in that it could be an off-the-shoulder look or a puff-sleeve look. The tie in the middle could be loosened or tightened for coverage and support. This dress could also be a great summer dress that works anywhere; date night, dinner party, summer wedding or girl's brunch. I paired it with a white and gold Hermes Clic H Bracelet (~$670.00) that I got as a gift to elevate the look. Coach has a dupe for way less at ~$39.20! 

Greek Outfit #2: 

Athens has beautiful historic ruins. We spent a whole day at the Acropolis and enjoying the views from atop the hill. The look is inspired by archaeology-style outfits, typically with khaki or brown colors. I went with a breezy, white short-sleeve button up, flowy high waisted pleated shorts, brown leather sandals, wide brim sun hat (one that's foldable so you can pack it in your suitcase!), and a white crossbody fanny pack. The sun hat and crossbody fanny pack are a must for me when I travel. The hat is perfect for sun protection and it's come in handy in our travels to both tropical places and non-tropical destinations such as Athens! The cross-body bag is perfect for travel, it's large enough to fit all the essentials while still being stylish and sleek. The bag can sit comfortably as a backpack or more like a fanny pack towards the front, perfect for extra security in crowded areas where pick-pocketing is a risk. Another underrated accessory is the reversible belt, which can be either brown or black to match any outfit. This belt is one of the staples in my closet! This outfit received a lot of complements and was perfect for photos at the ruins. 

Greek Outfit #3: 

As a budget-girly, the best way to save money is by reusing pieces you already have. As is the case here with the high-waisted pleated shorts and brown leather sandals. In Santorini, I paired them with this cute one-piece swimsuit that doubled as a bodysuit for the day. We were doing some sightseeing and also swimming later in the day, this is the perfect outfit for a beach day, pool day, or any excursion where you plan to change later for swimming. The swimsuit is reversible as well so that you could wear it twice for different looks, the ties at the shoulder elevate the swimsuit so it looks more like a classy top. Last but not least, these retro-inspired sunglasses come in a 2-pack of black and brown for such a cheap price. I wore the black sunglasses with the Athens outfit as seen above and the brown ones with this outfit. 

List of outfit ideas inspired by Greece: 


London Outfit Ideas 

Most people would tout Paris as the fashion capitol of the world, this may be true for most celebrities or high-end fashionistas but London's scene is where the average person thrives. Styles are as eclectic as the neighborhoods from posh and refined to edgy streetwear. What I loved about London is that the fashion culture is about fearless experimentation and a blend of high and low fashions, while still being comfortable enough for an on-the-go lifestyle. Thus creating this iconic vibe that the city is known for. 

London Outfit #1:

This was one of my favorite outfits to rock in London due to its versality. We planned on walking around and sightseeing all day so comfort was necessary, as well as the ability to adapt if the weather changed. London's weather could be warm and sunny, chilly and foggy, or rainy. The rainboots are perfect for comfort and weatherproof walking, the black tennis skirt is stretchy and breathable, the black turtleneck bodysuit paired with a quality Superdry jacket is classy AND great for cooler weather. 

London Outfit #2: 

As far as posh and preppy goes, a sweater-over-collared-shirt combo is classic. Paired with pointed-toe suede booties and dark pants, the entire look feels well put together. I dressed it down for a more street style approach with an oversized denim jacket. The tan sweatshirt matched really well when accessorized with the nude purse with wide strap. The best part about this outfit is the faux collar. This is the best kept secret when it comes to the preppy and business casual look without that uncomfortable feeling of wearing too many layers. 


Germany Outfits

Despite Germany's rich history, the fashion scene in cities like Berlin and Frankfurt are known for their distinctive urban aesthetic. In contrast, Munich exudes a much more traditional elegance with locals favoring tailored pieces, refined craftmanship or sustainable fashion. Sneakers are also embraced across the country, a testament to the German penchant for both comfort and style. Overall, when planning your outfits to wear in Germany - it should be a blend of modern, comfortable aesthetics, classic colors, quality pieces. 

Germany Outfit #1: 

The weather in Germany can be so beautiful depending on the time of year you visit. We visited in May when Spring was still in full swing, but when visiting the castles near the Swiss Alps the weather can cool down in the mornings and evenings so a nice pleated coat stands out. 

Munich is famous for its elaborate palaces and churches, most of them ornate with baroque style architecture. It's only fitting to rock a dress with baroque-era details such as applique designs, layers of lace, and fine fabric buttons. This white dress was my favorite, the long puff sleeves and fancy buttons remind me of the intricate detailing worn by the royal courts of Bavaria. I also HIKED in this dress. Yes, hiked over an hour roundtrip through the woods to get to the castle overlook, only to find out that there was shuttle that could take you up there 😂 therefore, this dress gets a 10/10 for comfort and reliability. 

I swapped out my flats for these trusty Tevas for the hike. They are AMAZING! Comfortable, durable, and got me through rough terrain and muddy areas all day without any pain or issues. 

California Outfit Ideas 

California Outfit Inspo #2: 

In honor of the old school Hollywood 1940's to 50's vibe, the classic skirt can be paired with a blouse for a classier, more elegant look or worn with a graphic tee for a casual look. The white Converse sneakers are a practical idea to add to your outfits for Disneyland (or Disneyworld in Florida) This combo can be used 

California Outfit Inspo #3: 



I hope you found this blog post helpful when looking for ideas for travel outfits, aesthetic outfits, summer style or fall outfit ideas. I'd love to know which look was your favorite or maybe share some styling advice that you swear by in your favorite outfits. 

xoxo Vicky

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  1. Love all these travel looks! I was recently in Greece so seeing your pics from there make me want to go back. Love your red coat that you wore in Germany!

  2. Wow you really got around. So many great places. Love the photos and your outfits are spot on!

    Allie of


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