(Repair)ologie Infusium 23 Leave-in Hair Treatment [REVIEW]

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What it is: A leave-in treatment for your hair. It's supposed to help enhance the overrall condition and health of your hair.

The Bottle Says: "Infuses the hair cuticle to help nourish and restore healthy texture and strengthens against damage... Instantly detangles wet or dry hair and is light enough to provide everyday manageability...Massage (repair)ologie leave-in treatement throughout clean hair, wet or dry. Can be used throughout the day as often as needed. Comb through, making sure ends are treated. Do not rinse out. Style as usual."

My Review: I used it after I showered and towel dried my hair. The cap makes it easy to dispense right into your palm or directly onto your hair.

But the product is really liquidy and runny, not thick like shampoo or conditioner. I put some on my hand and when I massaged it into my hair - it would run down my arms and drip onto the floor.

After I worked it into my hair, I combed it through. It DETANGLED my hair well and made it smell REALLY NICE! :D My hair felt smoother and looked shinier when it dried.

The next day, I used it again but this time on DRY hair. It made it smooth and shiny, and I noticed my hair was thicker after using this product for a while. Usually during the winter time. my hair is flat and dry. The leave-in treatment seemed to give it more volume and moisture. I would recommend it! :]

Where to buy:
I bought mine at Walgreens.
Most major retail stores, groceries, and drug stores carry the Infusium 23 collections.
They also have a website: www.infusium23.com

Price: About $9.00

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