Future Food.

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Could you make healthy junk food? Recycle inedible food and use it to make edible, delicious food?Solve world hunger?

World renowned chefs and owners of Chicago's famous MOTO Restaurant, Homaro Cantu & Ben Roche have done it and it's all on this new show on Planet Green called Future Food.

When the first episode premiered, I was blown away by the brilliant minds of Chef Cantu and Chef Roche. They created seafood dishes [ie. fried fish and sushi] without any seafood products or fish ingredients. In another episode, they took inedible plants and weeds that grow in and around our backyards and created satisfying meals. SAY WHAT?

The chefs and their team are completely down to earth, witty, and fun.

On Facebook, Planet Green allowed we the fans to discuss Future Foods and the "Kids Gone Wild" episode with none other than the scientist/chef/magician hybrids Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche!

Vicky [me]: Out of all of the challenges on Future Foods, which were the chefs' favorite challenges?

Homaro Cantu: Mine was the Miracle Berry episode.

Ben Roche: My favorite is one where we turn "health food products" into healthy "junk food"...but I also really enjoyed these kids!

Vicky Sithy: [kids gone wild was an] Amazing episode! The challenges seem to get more and more difficult but the team always manages to pull it off. It's crazy!! Thanks for answering my question, chefs! You guys are awesome.

Homaro Cantu: Thanks Vicky. Been a pleasure.

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