The Comet Cafe - A Review

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The Comet Cafe is located in Milwaukee's East side and was featured in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. Check out the video!

On Sundays, when you buy a drink you get all you can eat BACON. To some, they'd say that's disgusting. To my family and I (who eat healthy regularly), we thought it was fun! Ordered some beers and enjoyed our free bacon to the fullest. Kenneth got a burger, I had their famous meatloaf, and Chhally ordered the compact turkey dinner.

The food was heavenly. Comfort food at it's finest with a modern twist. Atmosphere is great. We ordered the carrot cake and banana chocolate chip cupcakes for dessert. Both were seriously amazing and addicting, especially the carrot cake.

Service was great, our waitress never refilled our water though. We had to ask twice but we will definitely come back for the food. Awesome local place where you can find SLOW FOOD. Food to be cooked slowly, enjoyed slowly. AKA how a sit down meal should be. Sorry for the crap quality, these were taken with the iPhone.

Kenneth's Burger. With Bacon. Hell yes.

Our extra crispy basket of all you can eat bacon.

Their famous bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich!

Unique deep fried compact turkey dinner in gravy.

The Comet Cafe
1947 North Farwell Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53202-1409
(414) 273-7677

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