Day of Thrifting

by - 4:03 PM

Went to 4 different thrift stores because some of my friends wanted to get introduced into thrifting. I scored so much at these stores. I'm excited to share!

Justin, Chhally, & Chris

Pheng and I with our funky jackets on.

Everyone tried on a pair of huge glasses. Our eyes were magnified to the max!

Clue VCR version!


That belonged to a Samantha.

Try eating these with a straight face lol

Super cute wedge booties for $6.99

Dress: $4.99 + Cardigan: $3.99

Dress: $4.50

Bowtie Blouse: $3.50

Leather boots: $9.99

I also signed up for Goodwill's reward card, which gives you 10% on your first purchase and tons of other discounts. On Saturdays, if you show them your student ID they give you an even bigger discount!

Happy Thrifting!
xoxo Vicky

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