Spontaneous Day in Chicago (Part 2)

by - 9:03 AM

We accidentally stumbled upon Wrigley Field on opening day! I couldn't stop staring at the stadium and how old it looks (in a good way). Cubs fans are lucky in a way because their stadium, although old, looks like the best way to have the CLASSIC baseball experience!

Classic, non-electronic scoreboard.

We also drove past this.

The most epic Target store I have ever seen!

Holy cow, did I wish I had the chance to shop here!

Millennium park. I'm sad to say that on this leg of our trip, my camera died. RIP Camera. All of these pictures were taken with our phones =(


The inside of the bean.

I really love the fact that Chicago has a lot of art just sitting around the city. Even driving through the streets to our destinations, there was just so much sightseeing and so much art and architecture to look at. Old buildings combined with new buildings. The number of flowers and gardens surprised me, too. Chicago will always be beautiful to me! Next stop, the Willis Tower!

xoxo Vicky

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