Hue Restaurant and Lounge (Review)

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Hue is a restaurant that serves classic and traditional Vietnamese fare in an ultra-modern and chic setting. The restaurant is located in Milwaukee's hip Bay View neighborhood, on a street with other trendy cafes and thrift stores.

We went on a Friday around 4pm and the restaurant was not busy at all. We were seated and all of the staff members were very polite. The restaurant menus were made of cork!

The menu is not very extensive but it does cover all of the main aspects of Vietnamese meals; appetizers, Pho (noodle soup), noodle dishes, rice dishes, and banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes). The descriptions are very detailed. I wanted to try everything! And there are Vegetarian and Gluten Free options!

Our server placed our waters on the table and instead of the usual slice of lemon or lime, Hue gave us slices of cucumber. Thought it was kind of odd at first but when we sipped our water, it was mindblowing. The water was slightly infused with that refreshing taste that cucumbers have. I can't describe it any better, but I think everyone should try it!

We ordered the Sampler Platter to start. This included two fried shrimps, two eggrolls, two beef skewers, and a large springroll. It was accompanied by peanut dipping sauce and the sweet & sour dipping sauce. Great presentation. Huge platter. Perfect for sharing. The shrimp was wrapped in a light, flaky wonton-ish wrapper and was good. The beef skewers stole the show. Traditional Vietnamese seasonings and marinade done the right way. Perfect with the peanut dipping sauce. I could eat a whole plate of just those skewers, maybe with some white rice.

For our entrees: Chhally got the Beef and Meatball Pho, I ordered the Mi Xao Don, and we both wanted to try their Banh Xeo so we ordered that too.

Pho is one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes and it's pretty much everywhere now.

The pho was great. The broth is a bit more aromatic and sweeter than others that we've tried.

Banh Xeo are Vietnamese crepes filled with mushrooms, bean sprouts, and shrimp.

The banh xeo was huge! Bigger than we expected but lovingly presented. The fillings were abundant and the crepe itself was tasty. A bit on the greasy side but crunchy!

Mi Xao Don is a dish composed of deep fried thin egg noodles topped with stir fried vegetables and meat or seafood. One of my all-time favorites!

The crispy noodles were sweet and spicy. The amount of meat and vegetables present were generous. The variety of vegetables was nice too! Broccoli and carrots are usually seen in this dish but Hue takes it up a notch by adding green peppers, red bell peppers, and onions.

We whole-heartedly enjoyed our dinner at Hue. Their dessert menu is simple yet impressive. I wanted to order their Asian Donuts with Nutella Drizzle! We were so full and satisfied, we opted to save dessert for next time! You know a place is good when you already start planning the next time you will be back during your meal.

Prices are around $10 give or take for each entree as well as the sampler plate. Portions are very generous and service was great. Our server was always there when we needed more water (Asian food can be spicy!) and she even packed and bagged our leftovers for us!

Hue has earned its place in TSJ's top Asian restaurants in Milwaukee. We will be back to try those donuts!

- The Sugar Junkie

2681 S. Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
*Note* They are closed on Mondays!

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