Vietnamese Food + Frozen Yogurt = Lovely Date

by - 5:30 AM

Chhally and I have been staying in all month in order to save money. So far so good! Cuddling up and watching movies is way better than going out and spending loads then feeling guilty afterwards. We've been cooking at home everyday and pretty much rarely have been going out, but there will be some restaurant reviews in the near future!

We decided it was just time to take a break from the frugal living and enjoy a lunch date at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Phan's Garden.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of this place. My mom used to bring me here when I was really little and the food has remained consistently the same ever since. Decades!

And ever since Chhally's moved here to Milwaukee, he's been hooked on it too!

Then we made our way to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt. I go here so much, I have a rewards card and have already earned money back to buy more frozen yogurt!

We found seating outside to enjoy our dessert and talked for hours about life, future plans, when our next vacation will be. Then after our lovely date, we went back home and resumed our usual night of cuddling and movies. Life is good.

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