Garnier's BB Cream (Review)

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One of the skin problems I suffer from is uneven skin tone and dark spots from acne. I don't really wear sunscreen on my face so my forehead is a bit more tan then the rest of my face. My cheeks have some uneven discoloration due to eczema and acne scars. And it sucks! Concealer and make-up works best for me but to find time to apply all of the make-up perfectly every single day is tedious. I saw the commercial for Garnier's BB Cream and it promised to fixed all of those problems AND protect your skin as a sunscreen.

After much debate, I bought it and here's my review.

What it claims to do: 

  • Evens tone
  • Hydrates
  • Renews
  • Protects
  • Brightens
  • 1 Application = Instant Results 
  • With SPF 15!!

My Review: 
Ever since I've discovered this BB Cream, life has been a bit more simple. It does what it says. I was pretty damn shocked. A "miracle cream" that fixes ALLL of these problems seemed really like a ripoff waiting to happen. But for me, it worked. It evened my skin tone and made my skin look like it was glowing. The cream comes out brown in color, but blends into your skin like a facial lotion. It didn't leave my face feeling greasy or heavy (like my make-up) but yielded the same results as if I had just put on my foundation!

Garnier's BB Cream comes in only two colors, light/medium and medium/deep. To me, I think having only two choices is great because I didn't have to try and figure out what the best shade was for my face. You have a 50% chance of choosing your correct shade here, people! I bought medium/deep. Garnier's website even has a coupon! I highly recommend if you're looking for an all-purpose cream for your make-up bag.

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