5 Epic Dessert Places in Chicago!

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1. Parlor Pizza Bar's TacoLatos

Parlor Pizza Bar has re-invented the Chocotaco. They've got the TACOLATOS = Dessert Tacos + Gelato. We went with the Go Shorty, their take on a Strawberry Shortcake dessert taco. The waffle taco shell is coated with a white chocolate, filled with strawberry ice cream and topped with strawberry sauce, white chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, shortbread cookies, whipped cream and mint. This thing is so huge, it's served on a tray. Get this to share with your dessert squad. For $9, it's totally worth it.

2. Firecakes

This donut shop is tiny, but they're pumping out massive flavors. We tried the Peach Melba, Churro Donut, Pistachio, Iced Vanilla, and Mini Peanut Butter. My vote is for the Peach Melba and Churro donuts but all of them were FIRE! Pricing is around $2-$3 per donut. Get there earlier in the day, they sell out pretty quickly. 

 3. Imperial Lamian's Lunar Blossom

If you're on Instagram often, you've probably seen this one before. Out comes this large ball of chocolate on this even larger platter. Your server pours hot, melted chocolate over the sphere and instantly, there's culinary art being created before your eyes. This is the dessert that will have the whole restaurant watching your table. For $16.00, you get dessert and a spectacular presentation. Big enough for 6 people. 

The melted chocolate causes the white chocolate ball to crack open, revealing an even more epic dessert inside. A fluffy pandan cake, coated with cream and crunch almond slices. Topped with vanilla ice cream. If you only get one dessert on this list, get this one. The contrast of textures and temperatures is magical. We're talking creamy, smooth, crunchy, fluffy, cold, hot, chocolatey, vanilla, fruity, so many things ALL at the same time. And if you're lucky enough to get it all in one bite on your spoon, it's the most epic bite of dessert. 

4. Bombo Bar's Shakes and Bombolonis 

Bombo Bar's milk shakes are bringing all the boys to the yard. And all of the girls. And families, businesspeople, tourists, and foodies. We visited the West Loop location; it's hip and it's efficient. You order via touchscreen tablets and pick up your order when they call your name. We went with the S'mores shake ($9.00) and the 4-pack of Bombolonis, an Italian hole-less donut ($12.00). The Bomboloni flavors chosen were Nutella, S'mores, Birthday Cake, and Raspberry. All but the birthday cake flavor came with injectable bottles. You stick it in the donut, squeeze and enjoy. 

The donuts are served warm, which makes the experience even better. The dough is fluffy and light, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The shakes are rich, decadent and over the top. We had a roasted marshmallow, cotton candy, graham cracker bits, a cookie and a mini Bomboloni atop our shake. You WILL need extra napkins. Or wet wipes. 

5. La Bodega's Churros and Churro Ice Cream Cone

Churro fans, this is it. This is what we've been training for. The regular churros here are $3.50 each and come with one dipping sauce, you get to choose between Fruity Pebbles, Nutella, chocolate, Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream. We tried the Fruit Pebbles and it did not disappoint. 

We also go the Churro Cone ($9.00) and this thing was nearly a foot tall. They are generous with the ice cream and the toppings. We got brownie bites, chocolate pretzels and a generous sprinkle of gold sugar. The cone itself is made with withstand the ice cream, it doesn't get soggy and it has an almost croissant like flakiness to it. 


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What are your favorite dessert spots? 

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