Sweet Diner - Milwaukee (Restaurant Review with Photos)

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Sweet Diner. Every time the name came up in conversation, it was always followed with my friends telling me it would be "my kind of place." I wasn't sure what that meant but when we finally got the chance to go, I tried to understand. It's not the place you think of when the word diner is involved. It's got a lofty, downtown Milwaukee vibe. Exposed brick, all kinds of different paint left untouched. Accented with glass doors, modern light fixtures and uncomfortable chairs. 

The ceilings are high, the set up is chic with that modern minimalist aesthetic. The menu has all the fixings of a brunch-in-the-city spot. Avocado toast, omelets made with organic eggs, breakfast and brunch classics like Benedicts and sandwiches; while also offering up some creative entrees like cornbread waffles with Memphis-style fried chicken. We decided on Avocado Toast, Berry Pancakes, and Creme Brûlée Style French Toast. 

The Avocado toast was loaded with tomatoes on top of tomatoes. Which can be either a good or bad thing depending on your like or dislike for tomatoes. We like tomatoes and, in this case, it was still too much. It made for a nice contrast of colors and great presentation though. The bread was was tough, far from a pleasant toasty-ness, and shaped more the slice at the end of the bread loaf. Next time, we'll pass on this dish. 

The pancakes and the French toast were well constructed and beautiful. If you only get one thing here, get the Creme Brûlée French Toast. The crackled sugar crust that they've achieved in this dish takes it to a level that qualifies it as "Food of the Gods" status. When it's so good that you are halfway through the dish before even realizing that you didn't use any syrup, you've got a winner of a dish. Same for the pancakes. The berry glaze is sweet, tart and a perfect accompaniment to the fluffy pancakes. Their whipped cream is top notch as well. 

The service of the food runners, hostesses, staff were all great. Our server was a bit awkward, purposefully blocking (multiple times) our opportunities to take photos because it was "funny" and overstaying at the edge of our table as we ate to talk about his personal life. It made us feel a bit uncomfortable but we were nice. We still left a great tip and figured that was just his style. 

But even with that, I can understand what my friends were saying about this place. It's got spunk, it's got style. It's modern while still offering the classics. The service is diverse and, overall, it's nice to have another brunch spot added to Milwaukee's brunch scene. We will be back to try other dishes. 

Sweet Diner
239 E. Chicago St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Happy Eating!

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