10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Travelers

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Holiday shopping is coming up soon. Over the years, we've obtained some pretty nifty things to help us on our travels. So we'd thought we would put together a list of 10 awesome gift ideas for your traveling family members and friends. We hope you'll find this guide useful as a jumpstart in your holiday shopping list brainstorming. 

1. Anti-Theft Travel Backpack Purse - $36.99

I have one of these bags and I swear by it. It's a purse but it's also a backpack. At first, it may be weird and then after a couple days you're left wondering why anyone hadn't thought of this before. It's so versatile, easy to carry and anti-theft, with the main zipper located on the backside of your bag. I've stood in places like Times Square or Bourbon Street watching street performers or taking photos in a crowded area and the paranoia will always make you wonder if someone could be pick-pocketing your bag in those moments. With this Anti-theft back, I really can go about my travels with better peace of mind that my stuff is secured. 

2. Deluxe Asian Snack Box - $27.99

For the traveler who likes to snack but whose palettes are beyond what you would normally find in a store. 

3. Home Camera System - $274.99

Give your traveler peace of mind with a home camera system. The Arlo camera system has a phone app so you can control your system and take a look at the cameras, even while away from home. 

4. Portable Door Lock - $13.99 

Great for the lone traveler. I'm seriously going to purchase one for my flight attendant sister who often travels alone due to work. Can be used on most hotel doors or even at home. It's small and provides added protection to wherever you're staying. 

5. Silky Underwear Powder from LUSH - $10.95

This is one you may not usually find on a list like this but trust me. This multi-purpose powder is amazing. Great for humid environments, as a deodorant or baby-powder-like starch to help with chafing and sweat. It's also great for sprinkling on your bed for a relaxing Jasmine and Vetiver scent to help lull you to sleep. We've even sprinkled it on our work clothes for an extra scent boost and deodorant protection properties.

6. Collapsible Water Bottle - $24.95

Every traveler needs a reusable water bottle. I usually carry a water bottle with me and fill it up after security in the airports. Staying hydrated during travel is the best way to avoid getting sick and weary. A collapsible one is great for travel because it's lightweight and compact. If your traveler is always traveling light, this one would be most useful.

7. Water Canteen - $23.95

If your traveler prefers ice cold water to stay cold or warm drinks to stay warm, go for a double-walled canteen. This one even comes with 3 different caps for added versatility. There's a straw lid, a sports lid and a wide metal lid for those who would prefer to drink straight out of the canteen. Highly recommend. We've gone on hikes with our canteen and even after hours of being in the hot sun, our water always stays cold.

8. Portable Power Bank or Battery Pack - $19.99

This one is a must. Finding power sources to charge your phone on the go can be a huge challenge. We loved our Jackery Portable charger so much, we bought a larger one for Drew.

9. Global Travel Adapter Kit - $24.99

For the world traveler. One needs to always have adapters handy so you can plug in your electronics while traveling abroad. This kit is good for converting plugs in North America, Europe, Great Britain, and most countries in the Middle East, the Caribbean, Japan, China, Ireland, and Singapore. 

10. The Best Gift Cards For Travelers

You cannot go wrong with useful gift cards to these travel friendly retailers:
  • Uber/Lyft 
  • Airline Gift Card - From your traveler's favorite airline (Delta, Southwest, Frontier, etc.)
  • Amazon 
  • AirBNB - This one is perfect for the worldwide traveler! 
  • Gas Gift Cards
  • Starbucks - With one in nearly every US airport, you can't go wrong. 
  • Hotels.com
  • The Container Store - Which sells lots of organizational and travel must-haves 
  • REI - This store has lots of camping, sporting, survival gear, and travel gear 

What are some of the cool travel gadgets you guys use or would like to get as a gift? 

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