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Got lucky enough to experience the Lux Domes at Cafe Benelux last winter. These modern, rooftop igloos sell out fast and are anticipated to return to the Third Ward this year, so here's all you'll need to know. 

There are only 6 domes total. The domes seat 8 people max. You have 90 minutes in your dome and your own server. You want to get there 15 mins before your reservation time. The details in the domes are more luxury-styled. There are fluffy blankets and fur throws on the chairs and benches, modern bar cart with your drinks and souvenir cups. Extra blankets in a basket and a space heater on one side of the dome. Flameless candles on cute little end tables with cards games, i.e. cards against humanity. We brought our own card games and overall had a blast hanging out under the snowfall in a cozy plastic igloo. Nothing better than great friends, good vibes, hot chocolate (with or without alcohol), and snacks!

Marshmallows are also provided with your hot chocolate! (Lux Domes, Cafe Benelux, Milwaukee)

 The food menu is a special edition menu, exclusive only to Lux Dome guests. The menu leans toward group platters for your dome. You cannot order from the normal Cafe Benelux restaurant menu. We got the cheese platter with four different cheeses, jams, grapes, and toasty bread. Along with the dessert platter, bites of brownies and cake with fresh strawberries. 

The best dome is Dome #4. It's the dome located right on the corner of the rooftop, with an unobstructed view of the street and the Christmas tree that the Cafe has put up on the corner. Thus, you can snap Instagram worthy photos like this one:

The top of our igloo, Lux Domes, Cafe Benelux

Our best advice: 
  • Don't expect to go in and out of the igloo. The igloos have a zipper opening, similar to a tent. Once you open the zipper, a lot of the heat from inside your igloo escapes and you'll end up with a foggy, cold tent. 
  • Bring a bag for your souvenir cups. They will not be washed before you take them home. While Cafe Benelux is generous enough to allow you to take home your hot chocolate mug, after you use them you're left with a sticky, chocolatey mug to take home. Bring a bag for them so you can take them home mess free and wash them once you get home. 
  • Assemble your lux team immediately (people who you don't mind getting cozy in tight spaces with) and book early.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your reservation. If you're late, it digs into your 90 minutes. We also found that 90 minutes was just the perfect amount of time.
  • Order the food platters. 

Some days you wake up and you hate winter, then some days you do stuff like this and realize how much fun it can be. 

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