24 POST-COVID DATE NIGHT IDEAS (or pandemic hangout ideas with friends)

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Regardless of where you stand, there are a lot of places that are limiting or changing the way we used to do things. One thing I know for sure, is that everyone is not only over it, but many of us are struggling to find ways to hangout with our friends or significant others. Date nights or girl's nights will never be the same. Drew and I have struggled to find ideas and it's taken us 6 months really to create a decent list. We wanted to share with you guys our list of ideas for post-covid date night ideas or pandemic hangout ideas with friends. 

  1. Dining Al-fresco: Basically, dining out anywhere as long as it's on an outdoor patio

  2. At Home Paint-&-Sip: Amazon sells painting kits, or you can stop by your local arts store to pick up a canvas, some paint supplies, and watch a YouTube instructional video together while you sip on drinks. 

  3. At Home Spa Night

  4. Recreate Your First Date Night

  5. Digital Dance Lessons

  6. Video Game Date Night

  7. Plan Your Dream Vacation Night

  8. Virtual Museum Tours: There are beautiful museums offering virtual visits like the Louvre, Guggenheim, Vatican, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

  9. DAY DATE: Lavender Fields or Sunflower Fields - If you live in the city like us, it's nice to get out of the city every once in a while and get some fresh air. We've really gotten into visiting farm stores across the state, in different counties, and seeing what they have to offer. 

  10. DAY DATE: Fruit Picking

  11. Throwback Night: Pick a decade, play games or watch movies from that decade along with era candies and drinks + learn facts about that decade

  12. At-Home Fake Bowling in your hallway using plastic cups or tumblers 

  13. Paddleboat and Ice Cream Date

  14. Fondue Night: Retailers like Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond sell fondue kits!

  15. Photography Practice: grab your DSLR, phone camera, or a polaroid camera and go for a walk to practice your photography skills

  16. Build-Your-Own-Ice Cream Sundae night

  17. Build-Your-Own-Pizza night

  18. Food Truck Date Night

  19. DAY DATE: Road trip to hit several touristy spots in and around your city or state. We've been on day trips and weekend road trips. We never realized how many cool places existed within our state until we did an internet search. Pictured below, we visited the 45 x 90 Geographical marker. This marks the center of the NW hemisphere of the earth! There are only 4 in the whole world, 2 of which are located in the ocean, 1 in the remote mountains of China, and this one in Wisconsin - making it the only accessible one on earth! 

  20. Rock Climbing

  21. Pottery Painting Date Night: We visited a local pottery place here in Milwaukee. We got to choose between a bunch of different sculptures, statues, cups, plates, etc. We both decided to paint something for our moms, Drew painted his mom a coffee mug and I painted my mom a serving plate.  

  22. GROUP IDEA: Karaoke night

  23. GROUP IDEA: Escape Room

  24. Watch Wedding Videos Date Night 

  25. Visit a Vineyard or Winery: Bottles of wine sold at wineries and vineyards are usually priced reasonably well since you are buying direct and what's even better is many of them offer tastings (either free or paid). You can try an ounce of wine before you commit to bringing a full bottle home, which is fantastic! Some wineries will offer tours of their vineyards, which are so beautiful. And other wineries even have food for sale, like charcuterie boards or desserts, to pair with your wine tastings. 

Let us know if you have any ideas or things you've tried with your significant other or close circle of friends.

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  1. These are ALL such great ideas! I needed some new ideas since we are 7 months into Covid and things are getting old. Thanks for sharing!


  2. ooohhhh build your own pizza night sounds fun and delicious!

  3. Wonderful suggestions! I'm all in for at home spa and Karaoke night.


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