We launched a store! (photography filters + presets, iPhone App icons, & more to come!)

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We just launched the Let's Get Lost blog store. Head on over by clicking the links in this post or by using the menu at the top of the blog. The first products in the store are my presets and then we also now have sets of App icons for anyone who's looking to customize their iPhone home screens. 


Some of you may already know this, but my first ever business was a photography business that I owned back in high school, like 12 years ago. I was a professional photographer for 7 years. Throughout the years, I learned how to edit my photos using Lightroom, which is a photo editing program that a lot of industry people use to adjust their photos. A lot of my friends tell me, they just don't have the time to sit down and learn how to use A) an entirely brand new program to them and B) how to edit photos. 

I've put together downloadable photo editing filters (called Presets) for you guys. All the work has been done for you. You just have to download them, get them set up, and then you can start editing photos with a few taps on your phone. The presets come with FULL instructions on how to get everything set up. It works! (And if you need any proof, I had Drew test it without giving him any tips and he was able to download them and start editing photos right away!). 

There are different presets based on what you're looking to do. If you have travel photos that you want to edit, there's a set for that. If you have food photos, there's one for that too!


 The recently released iOS14 has blessed us all with MySpace-like customizations and it's a pretty satisfying way to spend like 1-2 hours LOL here's what my screen looks like when I tested out the app icons. This coral set is available for download for FREE! 

There are 10 different sets total. Free ones come with basic colors and icons, the premium ones are $1.99 and come with more themes and 20+ icons. A lot of people are sourcing their icon photos from all over the internet so we wanted to create a spot that has app icons available for download ALL in one place so it's super convenient. 

All proceeds will be donated to several community programs that I am working with to help feed the hungry. 

Let me know if there are any color schemes or themes you guys want to see in either the presets or the app icon sets. 

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