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Things have been crazy and life is moving way too fast. I wanted to take the time to catch you guys up on our latest projects. Over the summer, we launched SUPER DUPER STAYS which is Drew's new property management company. Then both DREW, and our best friend DEREK, quit their jobs -  leaving behind a toxic management team and a job that was physically and mentally wearing them down. Going all in in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Pictured is a photo that we took at the celebration dinner, celebrating their tenure at their previous jobs and a new chapter in life! Drew's hand in the picture makes me laugh every time. 

Then as the opportunity evolved, we decided to try our hand in vacation rental homes. Our group took a considerable amount of savings and purchased 2 new properties, which is pretty scary to think about in such economic turmoil. 

Why An AirBnB or Short Term Rental? 

It wasn't originally in our plan. Then it slowly began to make sense for the following reasons (in no particular order):

  1. As purveyors of travel, we've stayed at a lot of places from hotels to resorts, vacation rentals to campers and tiny homes. The appreciation we've felt for our hosts and the hospitality that we've experienced can really make or break a trip. To be able to host travelers into our hometown, a city that we love, is pretty exciting. I think we would make some great hosts and we are looking forward to welcoming our guests with care. Milwaukee isn't a travel destination that's on everyone's bucket list, we aspire to change that. 
  2. Inspired by friends, our ultimate goal is to become digital nomads or snowbirds! Where we can live in Wisconsin in the summer and live elsewhere in the winter. Sometimes I'm THIS CLOSE to selling off all our belongings and taking off to see the world. You can't really do it without remote jobs, a considerable savings account or passive income. Owning a short term rental brings us one step closer to building the passive income we need to leave home and doubles as a home base for when we are back in town. 
  3. Our current living situation of a 900 sq. ft. lower duplex unit (which we love) is not conducive to large gatherings. We rarely host events or holidays at our place because of the size and layout of our place. With access to a fully furnished vacation home, and more space, we would have the flexibility to host events or allow friends or family to host their own also!  
  4. We have family and close friends who live far. Having a guest house or vacation rental that they can utilize when they come into our hometown would be incredibly convenient. 
There is quite a long list of reasons why this works for us but these are the main ones. 

The bathroom at the Ramble House in disarray for the last few months. 

Where are they located? 

The first one we've named The Ramble House. It's located right near the American Family Field Stadium where the Brewers play and is a 10 min walk to the stadium via something called the Hank Aaron Trail, a biking and walking path right next to the home. We're hoping that friends, family and guests coming to stay for an MLB game will find our accommodations to be convenient with off-street parking and walking distance to the games. 

The second property is centrally located in a residential area and is only a 12 minute or less drive to everything Milwaukee has to offer including the airport, downtown, and more. 

When will they be ready? 

The Ramble House was supposed to already be done. But if you've ever done a renovation or watched any season of any HGTV show, you know how it goes. We're aiming for December 11th. Cross all the fingers for us. 

The second house is nowhere near done or even begun. When the weather was warmer, Drew completed the deck remodel. We still have a long way to go before that one is ready but we're hoping for Spring 2023. 

What's next?

The best place for updates as we move forward is this blog, subscribe for updates by email to get the posts directly to your inbox! Or our Super Duper Stays Instagram. We've asked our IG followers for design help so you get to be a part of the renovations! The answers with the most votes is what we end up doing. 

How can we support? 

We receive a small commission from Amazon if you buy anything through our Amazon store. It's no cost to you, we get paid from Amazon. So if there's anything you need for your household or as holiday gifts for your loved ones, consider using our link and shopping from our store. It's an easy and awesome way for you to shop for items and still support our projects. Also, just to clarify - you don't have to purchase anything from our store. You can purchase any item on Amazon, but as long as you enter Amazon through our link - we will get a small referral commission!

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  1. Love seeing the progression. Thanks for sharing!



  2. Can't wait to see the transformation when it's done! Love the tile in the bathroom.



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