Valentine's Day & Restaurant Review

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I shared my Valentine's Day with the one and only Chhally D. I love this kid so much, no one understands it. I guess that's because I don't necessarily broadcast my relationship with him all over Facebook or Tumblr and such. It's an on and off thing but whether we're together or remain good friends, I still have a blast with him in whatever we're up to. No gifts were exchanged but we did go out to dinner.


My friend Rickey works here and he said we should stop by. It's about 20 minutes away from us but I adore Shorewood. The neighborhood is so cute and quaint.
The restaurant is beautiful! Modern and comfy with warm colors. The menu is really different; truly fusioned with Chinese dishes like General Tso's Chicken, Thai dishes like Pad Thai Noodles, Japanese Sushi, American Seafood and Steak, Salads, and Asian desserts.
Our Appetizers
Crab Rangoon ($4). I am a crag rangoon fanatic and these are some of the best I've had.
Shrimp Shumai ($5)
Our Sushi

Beef Tangerine ($17)

I NOM NOM'D THE BEEF TANGERINE LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW! Never had anything like this before but all of the reviews online said to try it and try it you must. Tender, soft slices of beef inside. Crispy, crunchy outside. Tossed in an orange infused sauce and served with your choice of white rice or brown rice! Where else can you get an option for white rice or brown rice? I tried both. Brown rice is incredibly healthier than white rice. They gave you a lot, too. I couldn't even finish it soo you know what that means. Work lunch! lol
Rickey hooked us up with free dessert.. Mango Mochi Ice Cream! Yums.

At the end of dinner, they gave every table roses. Pleasant surprise and the reactions of the elderly couple next to us was adorable. I could not handle it. ^-^
Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo Vicky

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