World of Dance - Chicago 2011

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World of Dance is a showcase competition where dance crews from all over the world come to battle it out for the first place prize. It's like America's Best Dance Crew but BETTER! My brother invited me and I surprised Chhally with tickets because he absolutely loves this kind of stuff. Dance is his thing. Or at least he thinks lol kidding! The event took place on 11/27/2011 and I'm a slowpoke sometimes. I forgot all about the pictures I took until now.

Here is the event flyer:

The one person we were all excited to see perform was Chachi Gonzales. She actually was on America's Best Dance Crew, Season 6, and her crew won! She's was only 15 years old at the time of this event (she's now 16) but beautiful and very talented. We've all got Chachi Fever!

The guys waiting for the show to start!

Chhally and I. He always looks wasted.

So we were waiting for a long time for the performance to start because we got there really early to get good seats! I had to use the ladies' room really bad, so as the guys kept watch over our seats, I left for the bathroom. And I ran into none other than CHACHI GONZALES!!

Holy cow! I was in shock and possibly a little starstruck. She was setting up her Chachi merchandise booth and she was really polite when I asked if I could get a picture. I ran back to the guys and told them what happened and they wanted to go meet her too! We got so lucky.

Then the performances started. During the halftime intermission we got a chance to walk around and shop at all of the different vendors.

We got to see Lil Mama perform!

And finally... the awards.

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