Momos at Midnight

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I absolutely love dumplings. I thought I'd tried them all until I met my friend Chemi. She's Tibetan and has showed the rest of us some pretty simple, but amazing recipes that her parents taught her. She calls her dumplings MOMOs. And although the recipe looks simple and easy, I can never get mine to taste like hers. There's no set recipe. She just mixes everything by hand and eye. She mixes the dough by combining flour and water. Slowly pouring the water into the flour while stirring with her hands.

Then she mixes it until it's just a ball of dough. Too sticky and she adds more flour. Too dry and she adds more water. Gotta keep it covered! So it doesn't dry out on the surface.

We chop up some onions. Hand mix it into the ground beef. Then she drizzles juuuuust the right amount of soy sauce into the meat.

Dash of salt and pepper. Mix mix mix. But don't over mix it!

Then she has this unique way of rolling out the dough, so they're perfect circles. And filling the dough with the meat in lightning speed. Sealing the dumpling by rotating the ball while pinching it shut.

Then placing them in a greased steamer pot. Until the entire pot is filled with momos just waiting to be cooked!

15 minutes.


Momo time!

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