Date Night

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This past weekend, Chhally and I went out for a date night. We enjoyed dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant, Japanica! I ordered my favorite, the shrimp tempura roll. Mmmm. I honestly can say that their shrimp tempura roll is the best in the city. I also ordered the Crispy Salmon Skin roll, composed of deep fried and crunchy salmon skin with cucumbers. I also got the East roll which had shrimp, egg, avocado, and crab.

We also tried Edamame for the first time! I liked it. It's fun to eat but Chhally recommends you pop the soybeans out instead of chewing on the whole bean. But chewing on the whole bean is what I found fun about eating Edamame! He said he's opened up a soybean pod to find a small worm before. ): But it's not the restaurant's fault! As they can't really see or check the insides of the edamame pods. So exercise  caution and inspect each edamame pod before chewing on it!

After dinner, we went for a walk downtown to burn off the food. The weather in Milwaukee has been crazy hot. You will always find things to discover when you're walking around downtown in the summer time.


Art pieces on the sidewalks sponsored by the Milwaukee Art Museum!

And a horse carriage! Er, horse carriage?

Yes! Horse carriage!! 

I get to cross this off my bucket list now. ^_^

Slow horse gallops. City lights.  Cool evening breeze. Cuddling in the back seat of the carriage. Romantic!

- Vicky

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