My Anniversary Surprise

by - 11:52 AM

In the gift boxes were:

A pair of expensive shoes he's had his eye on lately.

And a newly released edition of his favorite video game. He's such a GUY!

He leaves for work at 5 in the morning and I don't have to leave for work until noon. So I had plenty time to prepare a surprise for him for when he came home at 3pm. I was so giddy at work, even though I wouldn't be there to see his face when he came home. He called me right away when he stepped in the door to the room and said, "I love you!"

He opened his gifts while we were on the phone and I could totally hear the smile on his face as we talked.

And then he received another phone call from his family in Michigan that his grandmother has been rushed to the hospital. He was so sad but carried on the rest of our anniversary day with grace and strength. We managed to enjoy dinner later that night and reflect on our relationship and our oh so bittersweet life together, and he was receiving updates from his family on his grandma's condition throughout the day.

Overall, we had an amazing anniversary and the news of his grandmother was just another reminder that we have to stick together, love each other as fully as we can, and stay strong!


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