Holland, MI (Part 1)

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For the past two weeks or so, we've been in Holland, MI. Chhally and I used to live there so we have close family and friends who still reside there. Most of his family are there, including his grandmother and mom. He's so very close to his grandmother. Unfortunately during our time there, she passed away. What was supposed to be a weekend trip turned into one and a half weeks of planning a funeral. And we didn't mind. There were a lot of tears, a lot of sadness surrounding this trip. But in the end, Chhally admits, he couldn't have been happier for his grandmother. She passed peacefully and her funeral was beautiful.

We also got to spend every single day there with his brothers and sisters. They're all pretty young and it felt good for us as the older siblings to be there for them and help them learn how to cope with losing their grandma. We took them bowling, out to eat, and spent a lot of days indoors eating ice cream and building forts out of blankets.

The most memorable dinner was when we rounded up all of the kids and cousins and went out for dinner at Crazy Horse Steakhouse.

The basket of dinner rolls here are SO GOOD. Some of the best restaurant bread we've ever eating, and trust me we like our free dinner breads! Hands down, Crazy Horse already had us hooked.

They're famous for their Chicken Corn Chowder soup. A bowl of soup or salad came with the dinner meals. I must say, it was pretty darn good if you're into corn. It wasn't as thick as I thought it was going to be. Usually when I think "chowder" I think of thick soup. But I liked the lightness this soup had.

All around the walls of this establishment are dollar bills that customers sign and pin to the walls. When a local or national tragedy occurs, the owners take all of these dollar bills down and donate them to a cause. Now that's awesome! We folded our dollar into a heart and pinned it right on their fireplace.

I ordered the Cattle Baron Steak, medium well. This steak was oddly cut. I got two spherical pieces of meat instead of a slab. It was hard to cut. One side was cooked perfectly and was top notch. The other half was dry and overcooked. Their red skin mashed potatoes were good!

Chhally ordered the Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Sandwich and onion strings on the side. The onion strings were delicious and I kept picking these off his plate lol His sandwich was good for the first few bites but the spinach and artichoke dip seeped into his bread, making it so soggy it was unedible. So he knife-and-forked his chicken.

Only was able to get pictures of two other dishes out of 10! Everyone liked their food and the portions were generous!

It was amazing to get to know the family more and be around the kids who were always smiling and joking. We also realized that everyone in Chhally's family has the same awesome sense of humor which we believe everyone got from their grandma. She was a hilarious woman, always joking and laughing. Even when she was sick, she still managed to crack a joke. We love her and miss her!

- Vicky

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