New York City (Day 1)

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We are just now unpacking from our weekend in New York City. I have fallen in love with the city. I never understood what people meant when they said that they are absolutely in love with NYC, but now I get it! I totally get it!

We landed around noon on Friday and got to our hotel around 12:45. Check-in was speedy so we were soon settled in and freshening up for our first day of sightseeing to begin! 

First stop, lunch at the famous Shake Shack! Directly across the street from our hotel, so we hopped right in the line that stretched out of the door and across the building. They have menus posted on their tall glass windows, so perusing through the menu while we waited was fun.

 photo IMG_5945_zpsc00f92af.jpg

I got the Shake Burger, fries, vanilla shake! I didn't think it was going to live up to the hype, but it was very good food. The fries were crispy and hot, the burger was cooked to a perfect medium, toppings were fresh, and the vanilla shake was also surprisingly good. $30 for both Chhally and I! Yikes! But, hey, when in Rome (or in our case, New York).
 photo IMG_5946_zps4aef5bd5.jpg

After a fabulous lunch, we talked 2 blocks over to the center of the iconic Times Square.
Where we took tons of pictures, explored the different angles, and maneuvered through the crowd.

 photo IMG_5984_zps1229c72a.jpg

Then we directed our maps to Central park, and started our first long walk through the city.
We scored Chocolate Covered Strawberries on a stick outside of Edible Arrangements for $1!
 photo IMG_6019_zpscdb9ddf0.jpg
**Tip: Bring allergy medicine! My eyes, nose, lymph nodes were very puffy from allergies**

Then we finally found the park.
 photo IMG_6040_zps77dbc583.jpg

 photo IMG_6084_zps9ed01e53.jpg
We enjoyed a cold beer and a glass of wine at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse.
I wanted to ride a boat so bad, but due to rain in the forecast they closed. :(

 photo IMG_6097_zps1e0383a0.jpg
The breathtaking Bethesda Fountain.

 photo IMG_6112_zps0ac87227.jpg

 photo IMG_6119_zps5e14ed1e.jpg

 photo IMG_6133_zps90dcd43a.jpg

 photo IMG_6183_zps6a106b74.jpg

After about 1.5 hours in the park, we exited onto the shops at 5th Avenue.
We window shopped and made our way to our next stop!
 photo IMG_6209_zps7bbcd1c1.jpg

Once we saw Radio City Music Hall, we made a left and found...
 photo IMG_6236_zps4950a8e4.jpg

Rockefeller Plaza!!
 photo IMG_6239_zpsa9a2e7bf.jpg

 photo IMG_6240_zps5a507d6a.jpg

 photo IMG_6242_zpsdd67f8ab.jpg

 photo IMG_6244_zpsf380c415.jpg

 photo IMG_6261_zpsae5f228b.jpg

Amazing view of Central Park.
 photo IMG_6265_zps1ddc065e.jpg

360 degree views of New York City and the sunset.
 photo IMG_6270_zps03f2032b.jpg

 photo IMG_6275_zpscb6733e4.jpg

 photo IMG_6285_zps9094561c.jpg

 photo IMG_6321_zpse754e16b.jpg

Empire State Building!
 photo IMG_6353_zps49ba228d.jpg

After maybe 2 hours hanging out on the roof of the Rockefeller building, we walked to 53rd and 6th Ave for some Halal food. According to, as well as local recommendation, this is some of the BEST street food in the entire city. We gave it a shot. For $6 you get this whole pan of food, Chicken with Rice, Pita, and Lettuce. THE ABSOLUTE BEST STREET FOOD I HAVE EVER EATEN.
 photo IMG_6366_zpsfaf64765.jpg

We ate our food then continued our walk back to Times Square. Completely different views at night.
After a few more photos and souvenir shopping in Times Square, we returned to our hotel to relax and rest for our next day! By the first couple of hours until the end of our trip, we were all in complete awe.
 photo IMG_6377_zpsf896ad87.jpg

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