New York City (Day 2)

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We woke up somewhat early the next morning to get ready and head for brunch. We arrived at Junior's down the street for some delicious Classic Eggs Benedict, fresh fruit, and world famous Egg Cream. Junior's also has some of the best cheesecakes in NYC, so if you're here be sure to grab a slice.

 photo IMG_6393_zps29de9542.jpg

 photo IMG_6394_zps0525aac2.jpg

Then it was off to the subway station to purchase Metro cards. Once in hand, we swiped to get through the subway turnstiles and we were in for an underground adventure all the way to the bottom of Manhattan. We then transferred to a bus to take us to the South Ferry. We hopped onto the free ferry to sail pass the Statue of Liberty. Here's the view of Manhattan's financial district from the boat:
 photo IMG_6406_zps08801e72.jpg

 photo IMG_6447_zpsdc852892.jpg

 photo IMG_6449_zps679da688.jpg

The round trip to Staten Island and back took about 1.5 hours. Then we mapped our way to the World Trade Center. Still under construction but still magnificent. 

 photo IMG_6469_zps08e4297a.jpg

 photo IMG_6504_zps88f6bf71.jpg

And the very emotional and thought provoking visit to the 9/11 Memorial Site at Ground Zero.
 photo IMG_6508_zps268d32ad.jpg

 photo IMG_6516_zps35aaf2a5.jpg

Onto Chinatown!
 photo IMG_6552_zps6ea4d6b2.jpg

Where we stumbled upon a movie being filmed!
 photo IMG_6557_zpsfa820063.jpg

And Prosperity Dumplings. 
 photo IMG_6559_zpsdfbf07f9.jpg

The number one dumpling place outside of China!
 photo IMG_6563_zps60dfd4d0.jpg

Peking Duck Sesame Pancake. More sandwich than pancake.
 photo IMG_6565_zps197be2ff.jpg

 photo IMG_6568_zps0c4615d9.jpg

From Chinatown to the famous Katz's Deli
 photo IMG_6579_zpsae9698e1.jpg

 photo IMG_6579_zpsae9698e1.jpg

Then onward to the famous Big Gay Ice Cream shop. Where I had an ice cream cone called the Salty Pimp, it was seriously the best cone I've ever had. I love Wisconsin's frozen custard, but the Salty Pimp was a dipped vanilla cone sprinkled with sea salt and ribboned with caramel. I didn't even get the chance to take a picture it was soooo good!
 photo IMG_6582_zpsf5b37bdb.jpg

We hit the Subway train back to Times Square (got lost a few times but with the help of friendly locals we found the right train)! We did some more souvenir shopping and then stopped in at the R Lounge right above Times Square to enjoy some fancy bar bites and cocktails. 
 photo IMG_6611_zps67cfdd0f.jpg

 photo IMG_6612_zpse4971700.jpg

 photo IMG_6614_zps3c235cc7.jpg

 photo nyc1_zpsac9c3428.jpg
Cheers to NYC!

 photo nyc2_zpsbaf5295c.jpg

I can now cross off #26 on my Bucket List. Up next: My First Timer's Guide to NYC. Filled with all of the details, information, and advice for anyone looking to travel to New York City for the first time.

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