Bastille Days 2013

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Bastille Days is one of my favorite festivals here in our city. My family has a percentage of French roots and I have always been a fan of French food. We didn't really get to try real French cuisine on this day but it was fun to try what we saw nonetheless. We arrived a little after 6pm, parking was difficult. We had to park in a structure for $10, but it was a short walk. 

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Hue's stand caught our eyes first! We've eaten here before (read about it here) and loved their food. Our group ordered the Deep Fried Frog Legs, Spicy Crab Rangoon, and BBQ Short ribs. All were awesome. 

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Chhally loved the Deep Fried Frog Legs!

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The Asian slaw that it came with was a great complement, the frog legs were cooked perfectly and fairly meaty. We thought we'd be disappointed since the prices were $8 per plate but it was worth it. 

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After visiting the Hue stand, a friend of a friend stated that Burke's Irish Castle had the best food around the whole festival. We headed over to read the menu and really couldn't decide. They even had each dish laid out on a table for viewing. Made it that much harder to decide! Chhally and I ordered the Lobster and Shrimp BLT with Tarragon Aioli and the Frachos (waffle fries, Cheddar Ale Sauce, smoked Pico, and corned beef). 
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The Lobster and Shrimp BLT was mind blowing! Huge chunks of seafood, fresh mixed greens. Bacon was also cooked perfectly. I want to personally thank whoever figured out that seafood and bacon needed to be in the same sandwich.

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The Frachos were just as mindblowing. I'm not a fan of Beer Cheeses but this sauce was perfect! There were pieces of diced tomatoes in the sauce and the large chunks of corned beef were plentiful. For festival nachos, this dish was prepared quite well. 

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After grubbing on savories, we were ready for sweets. 
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We visited the CedarPoint Ice cream stand so Chhally could get a cone. He saw Pirates Booty flavored and wondered, "WTH?" Turns out it was caramel flavored ice cream with Oreos and M&M candies mixed in. He immediately ordered a scoop.

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I found some long lines nearby and it was for Crepes! I ordered a strawberry crepe with vanilla ice cream.
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As the sun started to set we did some browsing.

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We visited the "Eiffel tower" one last time before we left.

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And this guy was underneath it! 

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Amazing chalk artist who was in the midst of drawing a very beautiful lady.

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Had such an amazing time at Bastille Days. We literally spent over $50 on parking and food but it was all worth it. The weather was perfect and the food was better than previous years. Definitely will attend again next year!

-Happy Eating!

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