How to Make Your Own Flower Crown (Picture Tutorial)

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 photo 2013-06-26203614HDR_zpse97533c7.jpg

I really wanted to buy a flower crown because I started seeing them all over tumblr and instagram. I think they're so girly and lovely. The flower crowns I found online were selling for over $20, some for even $45! Might as well make my own! Funny story is, I had everything I needed to make my own flower headband in my apartment. All you really need are:

  • A headband that you don't mind re-using for flower crown purposes
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Fake, silk flowers

 photo 2013-06-26200204HDR_zps03b308b8.jpg photo 2013-06-26200133HDR_zps17e7e46d.jpg photo 2013-06-26200258HDR_zps0a9c7e29.jpg photo 2013-06-26200402HDR_zpsfa6db0f9.jpg

I found a gold headband that I rarely wear in my stash of hair accessories. And I stole a branch of fake flowers from this decorative vase we keep in the dining room lol. Craft time!

While my glue gun started to heat up, I took the flowers off of the main stem. Then I removed the green caps on the back of the flowers. (Sorry for the iPhone quality pictures!)
 photo 2013-06-26201959HDR_zps222e5f53.jpg photo 2013-06-26202023HDR_zps0e54ee92.jpg
What was left was this piece that held the petals together, I just trimmed it shorter.
 photo 2013-06-26202042HDR_zps96bf1f17.jpg
Then I laid out the headband with all of the flowers, arranging and rearranging the flowers to how I wanted the whole flower crown to look like. I placed the largest flowers in the front of the headband and the smallest ones toward the edges. Once I liked how it looked, I began gluing the flowers starting with the largest flower in the middle first. 
 photo 2013-06-26201043HDR_zpsb73f7fb2.jpg photo 2013-06-26202748_zps7ef63010.jpg
 photo 2013-06-26201533HDR_zpse5c4922c.jpg
 photo 2013-06-26200601HDR_zps0d1b23ea.jpg

SO EASY! The whole project took me less than 15 minutes. A lot of other instructions mention the use of floral wires. I was originally going to do it that way but once I finished my headband, I'm glad I didn't spend the money in buying the extra materials. Re-vamping and Upcycling your old things makes it more special. :)
Don't mind the iPhone quality pictures!

Happy crafting! 

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