Vegas Day 3 - The Bellagio and Noodles

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Day 3, we made french toast, breakfast sausages, and had more fruit for breakfast. We also repeated our previous day by spending the morning and afternoon swimming and cooling off by the pool. Come sunset we were all dressed up and ready to hit the Strip. Our hotel had a free shuttle to Harrah's, so we started off there. Then walked over to Bellagio where I crossed off #55 on my Bucket List!

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 photo IMG_6844_zpse8085fa1.jpg
Mom and Step-Dad threw coins into the fountain for good luck!

 photo IMG_6847_zps3db8986c.jpg

 photo IMG_6848_zps2c635e2d.jpg
We passed Serendipity 3 on the way into Bellagio. If I ever come back, I would love to eat here.

 photo IMG_6859_zps64a983fa.jpg
I chose the Playboy slots as my first gambling experience in Vegas. Then we moved onto Roulette. I didn't win anything. :( We also got in trouble for taking photos inside the casino! Whoops. :0

 photo IMG_6853_zps17b54b8c.jpg

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Bellagio's beautiful glass ceiling inside their lobby.

 photo IMG_6864_zpsd6d9432e.jpg

 photo IMG_6867_zps5a8ddb77.jpg
Amazing flower art inside their garden!

 photo IMG_6868_zps0505c4d9.jpg
And an awesome chocolate fountain.

 photo IMG_6869_zpsdb78a8ba.jpg

 photo IMG_6877_zpsd8dcb0f4.jpg
Mom was comped $150 from Bellagio! She's been gambling here for years! So we ate at Noodles inside the  casino. I really wanted to go to their famous Buffet but mom insisted she wanted to eat here.

 photo IMG_6883_zpse2fdc788.jpg

 photo IMG_6884_zps8d7d69c5.jpg
Noodles' menu was mostly Chinese. After spending $150, nobody was satisfied nor were we all too full. I don't recommend eating here.

 photo IMG_6902_zpse8cd9dfe.jpg
We rounded out the night by witnessing two fountain shows outside. The first song was Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Seeing how powerful these fountains swayed and moved to that song had a lot of people in tears! After that song, we waited another 15 minutes for the next one. It was the Pink Panther instrumental, not as impressive as the first show we watched. The music really defines your experience at the Bellagio Fountains.

 photo IMG_6903_zps43e2cc07.jpg

 photo IMG_6910_zpsae6bea89.jpg

 photo IMG_6909_zpsc65c83a9.jpg

 photo IMG_6839_zps1e0b5af7.jpg

 photo IMG_6838_zpsb294fb6a.jpg

We walked around the trip some more for photos and then headed back to the shuttle right before midnight. We played beer pong and drank lots more at the hotel to celebrate our last night in Vegas. I'd love to come back and see more of the Strip. Specifically the Venetian shops and the Stratosphere! Maybe next year. :)

-Happy Travels!

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