Vegas Day 2 - Caesar's Palace and Max Brenner's

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The next morning, Chhally and I cooked breakfast for everyone. Pancakes, bacon cooked in the oven (just learned how to, now I can't stop!), eggs, and fresh fruit.

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The itinerary for our second day was to include both Caesar's Palace as well as the Venetian but we only got to see the Forums at Caesar's. We spent most of the morning and mid-afternoon lounging by the pool. Enjoying frozen margarita drinks and ice cold beer. With temperatures rising above 118 degrees, we wanted to stay hydrated ;) and not risk walking around until the sun started to set.

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I fell in love with the Forum Shops. With its curved escalators as you walked in, the giant statues, amazing domed ceilings. The beautiful recreation of the sky indoors is breathtaking. The epitome of opulence. And then there's us...

I spent most of my time browsing 3 stories of my favorite place ever.

Then afterwards, my brother, his best friend, Chhally and I enjoyed dinner at Max Brenner's Chocolate Factory. A MUST-DO for anyone with a sweet tooth. I had heard about Max Brenner's famous creations, drooled over the menu prior to this trip. So with only 5 locations in the entire world, I was going to eat here no matter what.

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An entire BOOK listing their sweet dessert creations and their sweet drinks.
Their food menu was on a completely different sheet of paper.

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Kenneth ordered the Brenner Burger. I had a bite and it was fantastic.

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Chhally and I shared the BALT. Bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato sandwich. All of our meals came with waffles fries dusted with cocoa powder and chili powder. Everything was beyond good.

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For dessert, we ordered "Banana Tempura with Chocolate sauce and Toffee sauce"

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So amazingly good.

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Our check came in this cute tin that said, "MONEY FOR LIFE, CHOCOLATE FOR THE SOUL"

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We browsed the gift shop and chocolate shop after dinner. Max Brenner is one brilliant guy. If you ever visit, check out his "HUG MUG," a cup designed specially for drinking hot chocolate. Fondue sets are sold here as well. I wanted to buy one so bad and the prices were very fair! But Chhally insisted we would never use a fondue set. We did get to try a free sample of caramelized chocolate covered pistachios. Best free sample I've ever been gifted with.

Next up, we visit the Bellagio and enjoy dinner at Noodles inside the Bellagio.

-Happy Travels!

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