Momo's Korean BBQ - Clarksville, TN

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I just recently returned from a lovely trip to Nashville and Clarksville, Tennessee. Where fellow blog writer Pheng and I got to hang out, cook some amazing food together, and eat some life-changing BBQ in the Nashville area. Towards the end of our trip, we ate lunch at Momo's. A Korean BBQ establishment in the Clarksville area. I absolutely loved their food! We had the dumplings as an appetizer and I ordered the Bulgogi and Teriyaki Chicken dish. Bulgogi is Korean barbecued slices of beef and it's seriously so tender and flavorful. I'm honestly going to have to find a restaurant here that sells Bulgogi or learn to make it myself.

Everything about Momo's was great. The food was amazing, service was prompt and quick. Portions of the food were very generous. They serve a variety of pickled vegetables and Kimchi along with your meals. 

We also did a lot of shopping around during the trip. I bought some really nice statues from the mall there and fell in love with this hardware and hunting store in Clarksville called Grandpa's! 

We spent most of our time in Clarksville, but I would love to go back so that we can explore and eat more in Nashville. There's so many things that I've looked up and found ever since I've been back home that I wish I knew about before I went! :)

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