Sugar Factory: Las Vegas (Review with Photos)

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During our recent trip to Las Vegas, we had our first meal at the Sugar Factory located in the Paris Hotel. Having breakfast here sounded like the ideal way to jump-start our trip and introduce ourselves to the decadence that is pure Sin City. It took us a while to find the Sugar Factory though. We walked into what we thought was the restaurant, only to look into an empty bar-like room with a few couches and chairs. We looked around for any staff members but after a while decided to walk back into the casino to ask. They told us we were in the right place. We went back to that empty room, noticed a small sign that said to walk to the dining room to be seated. How in the hell were we supposed to know where the dining room was?

We chanced it and walked all the way back through the bar, past the ropes, and into another larger room. Lo and behold, we had found the Sugar Factory Candy store and even further than that, the dining room for the restaurant.

The candy shop got us both excited but we reserved that part until after our meal. Atmosphere from the moment you walk in exudes luxury. Hostessing staff had somewhat of an attitude, but we were too excited to care.

Their breakfast menu isn't vast but there is enough for everybody to choose from. We were very tempted to order one of their signature goblets, an item that was recommended by my sister who currently resides in Vegas, but decided to save our money and splurge later in the candy store.

We ordered their signature Sugar Factory Eggs Benedict, Banana Nut French Toast, and Monkey Bread. The Monkey Bread was served first as an appetizer and we dug in.

The monkey bread was dense, thick and chewy. With caramelized sugar encrusted in every bite. The fresh bananas contrast nicely with the pieces of dough. The caramel sauce was a nice touch, we loved it but as we munched on we realized it was too much of a good thing. We were seated in between the patio and the inner dining room. It was nice because we enjoyed the warm weather, had lovely views of Las Vegas Blvd, and just people watched. At times it got a little uncomfortable because the tables are positioned really close together. We made friendly chit chat with the table closest to ours but when you ran out of things to say or wanted to enjoy your own company it became awkward because I felt rude not addressing people sitting so close to us.

When our entrees arrived, however, we oohed and aahed at the beautiful presentation.

Their Benedict is served over scalloped potatoes instead of an English muffin.
I really liked this dish more than the french toast I ordered. The boyfriend enjoyed my french toast a little bit more than his Benedict. The french toast is unique in the way they use slices of banana nut bread as the toast. The fresh berries and caramelized banana were the perfect complements. I wish they didn't drench the syrup over it all for you, as well as leave you with a cup of syrup. I would prefer to use the syrup to my liking. It became too rich, too sweet when it was drenched but the boyfriend liked it. 

Our server was okay. She was very direct, didn't seem interested in talking or helping us with the menu. Very come and go. We rarely saw her during our meal. We both ran out of water, couldn't flag down anybody for more water, which was frustrating to say the least. If it weren't for the food, the experience may not have been memorable.

Overall: The food was very high quality. Portion sizes could've been more generous for the price you pay. Granted we are in Vegas, so prices for food is higher than most areas and the fact that you are most definitely paying for the novelty of the location is also another thing we had to consider. The boyfriend's only gripe is that he dislikes paying so much only to be left hungry still. So if you've got a big man with an appetite (Drew is 6'1'' and about 220lbs), take that into consideration. We did like our experience here despite all the negatives and would love to go back to try their lunch, dinner, or desserts. 

Oh, and here we are literally acting like kids in a candy store.

Am I reading this right? This says sour farts?

Say whuuuuuut?

And there was even a Create Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich Station! Be still my heart.

With Gelato flavors to choose from. Truffles, candy apples, fudge, cupcakes on display. 

We came back to the store the next day to get an ice cream sandwich. I had banana cream gelato with a sugar cookie on one side and a macadamia nut on the other! Good lord.

Sugar Factory Restaurant
3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 331-5100 - Open 24/7

Happy Eating!
- Vicky

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