DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

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We've got some pretty crafty DIY projects going on around here and I'm freaking excited. Just today we completed this magnetic, chalkboard spice rack! Initially, I wanted a spice rack for the counter. Armed with a $50 gift card to Bed, Bath, & Beyond (I got it for Christmas, weeee!), we searched endlessly for a nice one that was functional aaaand not a clunky eyesore. Most stores carry spice racks that would only hold up to 16 or 20ish spice jars. Which isn't bad. But if I was going to pay $50 or more for a spice rack, it had to be something I was going to be happy with in the long run. Meaning availability of space for adding more spices as the collection grows. And not taking up about a square foot of counter space, dammit.

To the Pinterest! With a quick search result, I found a shit ton of images. All different kinds of magnetic spice racks. All, of course, waaay the hell out of my price range. So I asked a friend of mine if he could cut a steel board according to the measurements of the space above the oven. He totally got it done within a day (I still owe you, Jer! Thanks!) 

It was heavier than I thought, weighing in at 18 pounds. But if you're not lucky enough to have a friend who works in metal fabrication, there are magnetic boards you can buy here (for $17), here (for $40)! I bought a can of chalkboard spray paint from Home Depot for around $4. Gave it 3 coats and let it dry overnight. We bolted this 18 pound baby up the next day using wall anchors and screws. *Note* We accidentally scratched up the top of the stove in the process, so I highly suggest covering your appliances, counter tops, etc in a towel before mounting your board to the wall.

I ordered the jars from Fillmore Containers. The absolute cheapest prices I could find for jars like these, despite them being sold separately from their lids. Lids are .14 cents each anyways, so booyah! No complaints here. You want to get the 1.5 oz jars. For $8 per pack of 24, I went ahead and bought 2 boxes for future uses and 48 black lids. Total plus shipping came to $39!

Now all I needed were the magnets which were $6 per pack of 10. Total for magnets including shipping came to $20. For the final touch, I also ordered the spice labels from Amazon for $9.50 total. You can choose from 50 labels or 100 labels. I affixed the magnets onto the outside of the lids using a hot glue gun that I already had. Let them dry overnight for best results. 

Grand Total for this project: $72.00
More than your conventional spice rack but less than ones of the same style going for upwards of $100. With the ones you buy online, they only give you a set amount of jars and you also have to pay extra to choose which spices your set will come with. I am ridiculously happy with how this project turned out, considering it literally is just a spice rack. I mean, who gets excited over stuff like this? But it brightens up where I spend most of my time and adds a unique honeycomb of color to the wall.

My 30 spice jars don't look like many on such a wide board but you can draw in anything to decorate or add some color. I like the fact that I still have room for way more jars. I hope this answers everyone's questions as far as making your own magnetic spice rack. I'd be happy to help anyone with more details. Happy crafting!

- Vicky, TSJ 

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