Morimoto Asia - Disney Springs // Review!

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I have been waiting to post about this for a while now. We just published our vlog from our dinner at Morimoto in Disney Springs on our YouTube Channel, The Lost Ones.

We are huge fans of Chef Morimoto and held these dinner reservations 5 months in advance. I've never planned any kind of dinner reservations so far ahead. Can you tell how serious we are about this? 

The vibe is elegant and the decor pays homage to both Japanese and Chinese cultures. Our server was John. Great service vibes too. Expectations were high and we ordered so many different things. This was definitely one of those "Treat yo'self!" dinners!

First order of business, the menu.  MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS: Dim sum // Sushi platter and a plate of the highly sought Otoro (tuna) that literally melts in your mouth like butter! // A-5 Rated Wagyu beef from Japan, cooked at the table, which I swear is the BEST steak I’ve ever had! Upon ordering, you even receive a certificate of authenticity for your slice of steak, showing the serial number and tracing the Wagyu back to the farm in Japan. // Morimoto’s Spare Ribs (pictured below) - so tender that the meat fell off the bone just by picking them up, yet so crispy on the outside. Then the churros for dessert with Nutella in a squeeze tube and vanilla cream on the side. 

Our dinner tab was a just about $400.00 total. Crazy but so totally worth the splurge. World class service, ambiance, and a great menu. If there are only a few things you could get here, my vote is for the Wagyu Beef, the Morimoto Spare Ribs, and the Morimoto Buri-Bop dish (not pictured but featured in our vlog episode). All melt-in-your-mouth worthy. All experiences within themselves, not just sustenance or food. 

Click here to view our vlog episode to see everything!

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