Pink Frosted Donuts (3-Ingredient)

by - 3:29 PM

With spring time approaching, we've been starting to see fun pastel colors and Easter time treats. We made these creative donuts to brighten up the weekend. 4-ingredients: 1 pack of refrigerated biscuits, vanilla frosting (with a drop or 2 of red food coloring mixed in), and sprinkles. Super easy, kid friendly, and there are so many other toppings and frosting options that you can choose from. Cream cheese frosting or chocolate; crushed Oreos or M&M candies; or even cereal or s'mores toppings. 

I used a pairing knife to cut the dough pieces into letters. 

Prepared the paper towel landing pad, for when these babies come out of the frying oil. 

Once the frosting is made, we dipped the front side of the donuts and then placed back on the cooling rack. Garnish with sprinkles. 

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