An EPIC Group Trip to Las Vegas!

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What happens when a group of friends plan the most epic Vegas trip? A dope penthouse? Fast cars?  Champagne for breakfast? All of the above.

We've been to Vegas a dozen times, and each time we try to do something different but always within our means. This time, we all decided to save up over the course of a year and splurge on the biggest and baddest Vegas trip. We stayed in a classic Las Vegas penthouse, with a view of the whole Las Vegas Boulevard.

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Our entire group of 10 is composed of all walks of life and different preferences. We all were set on a more adventurous alternative to the usual festivities.

First, we needed a pretty bad*ss place to stay and to call home base. We rented a penthouse at Palms Place. The penthouse came equipped with a jacuzzi on the balcony, known over the years as The Palms' most iconic feature for their penthouses. Once the penthouse was acquired, we started planning a similarly bad*ass itinerary.

Our first activity: Battlefield Las Vegas. A shooting range offering some extreme shooting packages on the North end of the Strip. If you've ever watched The Office, there's an episode where one of the main characters, Dwight Schrute, undergoes his ultimate bachelor party. One of the things he gets to do is fire a bazooka. While we weren't able to blow anything up with a bazooka, Drew and some of the guys did get to shoot a .50 cal sniper rifle and a grenade launcher, among other weapons.

The facility even offers up the chance to drive a tank and run over a car. Or if you want to experience shooting from a tank, there's that too. A lot of the packages are themed after video game experiences, but they even have historical ones and beginner packages too. Our instructors were great, they made us feel comfortable and gave really good advice. They would rather you ask your questions, no matter how silly you may think the question is. Our experience was top notch.

Day 2 involved more adrenaline. We caught a Lyft over to LVC Exotic Car Rentals. Booking was a breeze, all done online. Check in went faster than we thought and the guys at LVC ensured we knew how to operate the cars and answered any questions we had.

Real fact: Trust us on this one. Originally, we were going to book with different Las Vegas exotic car rental companies other than LVC. During the booking process with those other companies, the unprofessionalism in customer service turned us off immediately. 

LVC was really accommodating to our questions during the booking process, you didn't have to be a baller to play. As long as you're at least 25 years old, have adequate insurance, and a valid driver's license. We rented three cars total, with teams of 2 in each vehicle. We cruised the Strip, drove out to the desert for some rolling shots and desert photos, switched drivers and then drove back to the Strip. Everyone was able to split the 4-hour-rental time evenly. Thus, splitting the cost of a $600 exotic car rental with your co-driver makes it only $300 per person. Add this to your bucket list immediately. 

This is number 72 on my bucket list. Now I can cross it off!

Activity #3, Top Golf. Drew really likes to golf, and it's one of those hobbies that he enjoys but rarely gets the chance to actually do. We got invited to a session at Top Golf for some dope food, music, good vibes, and golfing.

Top Golf Las Vegas, Taco Platter and BBQ Platter
That night, we bought some snacks, champagne and beer for a night-in at the penthouse. If it were any other trip, you'd rarely see us hanging in the hotel room. Figured we'd put the penthouse we splurged on to good use. We drank, reflected on our favorite parts of the trip, and hung out in the jacuzzi most of the night. 

The next day, our last day, we took it slow. We hit the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace for brunch and lounged by the pool for most of the day before our flights. 


8:10pm - Depart MKE
10:00pm - Arrival in Vegas – Check into hotel 

9:30am - Depart to Paris Hotel 
10:00am – Group Breakfast – Paris Buffet $22.00/person
1:00pm – Battlefield Las Vegas (They picked us up at Planet Hollywood) 

3:00pm – Back to hotel, chill and get ready for dinner
4:00pm - Walk the strip, Fat Tuesday’s, sightseeing

6:00pm - Dinner – Grand Lux Café // $40.00/pp food and drinks 

8:30pm – Ride share to Fremont - Fremont Street/Bar Hopping // $40.00/pp for drinks 

9:00am - Quick Breakfast 
10:00am – Exotic Car Rentals

10:30am –Scenic Drives (up and down the strip, North of Vegas into the desert 
2:30pm – Return Rentals

3:00pm – Top Golf 
6:00pm - Back to hotel, hang out

11:00am - Check Out of Penthouse 
11:30am - Brunch – Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's - $59.99/person
1:00pm - Pool time at Caesar's
6:30pm - Head to Airport 

We have two new episodes of the travel vlog on the way, about this Vegas trip. We'll show you all of the food, each dish we had and where, along with a full tour of the penthouse. Subscribe to our channel to view once it's live in two weeks!

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