Zocalo Food Park Milwaukee (Review with Photos)

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Food trucks at the Zocalo Food Park in Milwaukee, WI

A friend of ours told us all about the Zocalo Food Park in Milwaukee. Said it reminded him of the food truck parks in California, but there it was on 6th and National. It opened last weekend and he recommended we go early. We went around 11:30am for an early lunch. There weren't too many people there but, for us, that was a bonus.

Murals and seating, along with a bar at the Zocalo Food Park

The colorful murals and hanging lights will indicate that you are in the right place. Parking lot is adjacent to the food truck park. A bar in the garage, and one soon to open in the centrally located building. There were 5 different food trucks situated all around the area, all serving up a variety of different menus. Tacos, burgers, ice cream, bagels, Korean fusion food. 

Ruby's Bagels, Zocalo Food Park Milwaukee
The Al Pastor, Birria, and Bistec tacos from Mazorca's food truck
The menu over at the Bowl Cut Food Truck, an Asian Fusion truck. 
The Secret Bowl of the day, made with kimchi fried rice, fried bits of Spam and a fried egg on top. 
The KK Bowl from Bowl Cuts, tender Korean steak and rice.
Sweet Heat Wings from Bowl Cut

Entrees from the Bowl Cut truck were fantastic for food truck fare. The steak in the KK bowl was grilled perfectly, and yet still very tender and full of flavor. Why get one bowl, when you can get two?  The Secret Bowl with Kimchi fried rice is what you need in your life. The tacos from Mazorca were delicious, and there were options for medium and spicy sauces to top off your tacos with. The horchata from Mazorca is also notable and refreshing. 

More outdoor seating on the South end of the Food Park. 

We Googled what the space looked like before, we were curious because we couldn't remember but we knew the neighborhood hasn't always been the best of places to dine and hang outside. Another friend of ours lived right on the intersection of 6th and Pierce and witnessed quite the array of shady deals and repeated muggings. However, with the addition of cool joints like Fuel Cafe's Walker Point location one block over, or Hotel Madrid's Bodegon restaurant and outdoor patio in recent years, we are seeing this neighborhood make a definite comeback. The owners of Zocalo Food Park have done a great job renovating the space. 

Salted Caramel Waffle Cone, by Scratch Ice Cream at the Zocalo Food Park in Milwaukee
There are multiple water stations throughout the park with free, drinkable water. Water bowls for the doggos can also be found here. Newly renovated, and very clean restrooms (let's keep it clean, people, okay?). Bocce ball, bag toss, and giant Jenga add to the chill ambiance. And recycling bins located near the garbages as well. What more could you ask for? Rarely does a spot ever necessitate us going back twice in the same day, but we plan to go back there for dinner tonight to try Fontelle's burgers. The food, the vibes, and the boom of Milwaukee's food truck renaissance is all happening here. Don't miss it!

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