Lake Geneva, WI - Weekend Getaway

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Lake Geneva is beautiful. It's just one of those weekend trip places that you aren't soon to forget. Driving into town and then heading towards our hotel, the roads were picturesque and vibrant. We stayed at the Grand Geneva Resort. One of the pricier resorts, the location further from the central hub of Main Street, but it was definitely worth it. The decor, the service, and the rooms were all nice. We had a balcony room and the views overlooked the hotel's golf course. We enjoyed our coffee and pastries on the balcony. All the makings of a good weekend getaway.

 We went back to Main Street right away to grab brunch. We stopped at Oakfire and had Bananas Foster French Toast and Chicken & Waffles. Oakfire is located right near the beach, so the views right outside the large windows are stunning. 

After brunch, we walked around Main Street and shopped for souvenirs. We stopped by Simple Cafe, a little bit out of the way, but a nice walk through a quiet neighborhood. We picked up some pastries to bring back to the hotel for later. That night, we had dinner at the hotel's restaurant, Geneva Chophouse. Definitely a top notch steakhouse, great service and good food.

The next day, we made it a point to sleep in and order breakfast in bed via room service. Then headed back to Main Street to Clear Water Outdoors to rent some kayaks. They launched us right into Lake Geneva and we were paddling away within 30 minutes. While kayaking the lake, we hovered around the edges of the lake. This is the best place to view all of the lake houses and homes surrounding the shores of Lake Geneva. We paddled slowly through the waters, at a reasonable distance so as not to be creepy, but we were in awe of the luxury lake homes we were able to see from our vantage point in the water. 

After 2 hours on the water, we headed back to shore. We returned our kayaks and headed over to Sprecher's Restaurant and Pub, very close to the kayak launch spot. After lunch, we decided to find a spot at the beach and enjoy some relaxation and more sun. We swam out to the floating docks they had just offshore of the beach. The waters of Lake Geneva are some of the clearest you'll see in Wisconsin. 

 After the beach, we scored some ice cream over at Scoop's near Main Street and then headed back to the hotel to clean up, watch TV, and call it a night. The next morning, we had one more stop. 

We stopped at the Staller Estate Winery on the drive back home. It's about a 28 minute drive from Lake Geneva, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But you can walk the vineyards, take photos, and enjoy the peace and quiet in their fields. The facility was very nice, the staff were so friendly. We ordered a wine flight to taste a variety and also a meat and cheese board to pair with the wine. We took our samplings out onto their patio and enjoyed a nice wine date overlooking the vineyard. So peaceful! 

Our Itinerary

Day 1 - Friday

  • Check-In to the hotel, Grand Geneva Resort 
  • Brunch at Oakfire 
  • Shopping Downtown
  • Stop at Simple Cafe for pastries
  • Dinner at Geneva Chophouse 

Day 2 - Saturday 

  • Breakfast in bed, hotel room service
  • Kayak rental from Clear Water Outdoor 
  • Lunch at Sprecher
  • Beach time at the Lake Geneva Public Beach
  • Ice cream at Scoops Ice Cream 

Day 3 - Sunday 

  • Stop at the Staller Estate Winery for a tour of the vineyards, enjoyed a wine flight with cheese and charcuterie. 
Happy Travels!

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