Chicago's Most Unique Hotel - Hotel EMC2

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Let me tell y'all about one of my favorite boutique, themed hotels. It's in the heart of Chicago, IL and it goes by the name of HOTEL EMC2. It's an Einstein themed hotel and there is even an on-location bar and restaurant dubbed ALBERT.

The beauty, art and sheer brilliance of function and design at this hotel is one of a kind. As soon as you walk up to the building, the hotel's facade is slick and vibrant. Seemingly almost put together by vibrant geometric pieces. Once you walk inside, you're greeted with the words of Leonardo da Vinci. The aesthetics of this place is goals.

Books, art and inventions on display in the hotel restaurant and bar. Hotel EMC2, Chicago

There's art everywhere you look, both openly and inconspicuously. Even hidden in the room numbers and hallways. When you get to your room, you'll be in awe. There's a shower in the middle of the room. A privacy curtain wraps around the outside of the glass-enclosed shower. Gold accented hardware and art aren't without comforts as well. The cushions on the headboard, the quality linens and features are all functional as well as luxurious. 

Did we also mention, that when you order room service - it's brought to your room via robots? Like real robots. And details like this paper flower made out of book pages in the bathroom are what bumps Hotel EMC2 to the top of our list for the coolest and most unique hotel stays we've ever experienced. 

Happy Travels!

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