Imperial Lamian - Chicago (Review with Photos)

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Combination Xiao Long Bay - Rainbow Soup Dumplings - Imperial La Main, Chicago, IL
We visited Imperial La Mian last month as it has one of the coolest desserts in Chicago. Their Lunar Blossom dessert was featured in our 5 Epic Desserts in Chicago video. And although we did enjoy the dessert (immensely), we also got to dine in and enjoy their food as well.

They're famed for their Rainbow dumplings, a modern, beautiful and creative presentation of Chinese Dim Sum and Xiao Long Bao. Their entrees are just as mouthwatering, with dishes like Crab Fried Rice and wok-tossed hand-pulled noodles.

The venue itself is modern, the decor pays homage to vintage Chinese styles. 

Our group shared the Combination Xiao Long Bao (the official menu name for the rainbow-colored dumplings), each color representing: the Shang Hai style xiao long bao, duck, Szechuan, Gruyere, Truffle and Crab. 6 pieces total.   We also ordered the Pumpkin Puffs, Crispy Chicken Dumplings, Gua Bao, an extra basket of the Spicy Szechuan xiao long bao, and the Seafood La Mian noodles.

Rainbow Soup Dumplings, Imperial La Mian, Chicago, IL

The Xiao Long Bao are very juicy, filled with a decent amount of broth and flavor. The texture of the filling inside Imperial La Mian's versions are loose, not as compact as a normal soup dumpling but it was great for providing texture in every bite. The meat filled dumplings utilized ground meat for the filling versus a meatball like filling. Which if you've eaten enough soup dumplings in your life, this difference is unexpected but welcomed.

The hand pulled noodles were fantastic. The right amount of chew, cooked perfectly. Infused with the wok hei flavors that you should look for in every wok-fired dish. The array of thinly sliced vegetables and beansprouts compliment the noodles very well, adding crunch to the texture while keeping the noodle-like consistency. The seafood la mian showcased scallops, sole, and calamari. All cooked perfectly.

Do not leave without ordering the Pumpkin Puffs. It may sound like an odd concept but, trust, you want to try these. Probably our favorite, definitely underrated. It is crispy on the outside and the flavors are slightly sweet but so satisfying. Presentation is obviously an A+ as well. I would order a bunch of these if I were to come back. 

Crispy Chicken Dumplings, Imperial La Mian - Chicago, IL

Gua Bao, Imperial La Mian - Chicago, IL
 I cannot get over the presentation in this place. They know what they're doing. They're taking Chinese favorites and bringing it to you in modern, vibrant, irresistible ways and they're doing it in style. Reservations are recommended and DO finish your meal with the Lunar Blossom Dessert. It's completely worth it. Click here to watch our YouTube video to see what's on the inside of this ball!

Lunar Blossom Dessert, Imperial La Mian - Chicago, IL

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