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This year, plant based foods are on the rise. There are so many vegetarian and vegan options out there now, both inside of grocery stores and out in cafes and restaurants. The shift is welcomed, as there are so many people who are able to put aside their judgement and realize plant-based diets can actually have amazing health benefits.

While our household is not vegetarian or vegan, we have been incorporating Meatless Mondays every week (we make veggie taco bowls, with taco seasoned fajita veggies, cilantro lime rice, beans, corn, and avocado!) in order to save a chunk on our weekly grocery bills. Before doing this, meat proteins took up nearly half of our grocery bill. Now we have two meatless meals a week, and I've gotten our weekly grocery bill down to $100 per week. That feeds four people breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts for an entire week! We used to spend over double that.

Drew and I decided to go out for brunch one morning and we decided to check out Beerline Cafe, in Milwaukee's Brewer Hill neighborhood. It's a vegetarian/vegan spot with a funky menu.

We grubbed on the nachos, cinnamon pancakes, and portobello cheese steak sandwich. The nachos were SO good. The "sour cream" was actually a cashew lime crema. I would go back just for these nachos. The cinnamon roll pancakes were also delicious. The cheese steak sandwich was good, I probably wouldn't get it again. Flavors were great but the proportions of the portobello, to cheese, to bread was off. Overall, a great place with friendly service, good coffee, and lots of natural lighting. 

We think Beerline Cafe also participates in a composting program, which is awesome! Check them out at:

Beerline Cafe
2076 North Commerce Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

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