Don's Diner - Milwaukee, WI (Review With Photos)

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The people behind Don's Diner really gets it. Their menu pays homage to diner classics while zushing them up and adding their own creative flair. Take for example the pancakes. The batter is enhanced with Sprite for a pump of fluff and the tiniest hint of extra flavor. And their lemon blueberry pancakes titled Blu Blu Lemon: the lemon is also infused into the syrup. Their Egg Sammy features scrambled eggs, creme fraiche, and, (move over Sriracha mayo), Cholula mayo. 

The Pulled Ham Benedict is built upon a perfectly toasted English muffin topped with brown sugar smoked ham, Hollandaise and poached eggs. Accompanying the Benedicts is a celery root and green apple slaw, providing a crunchy contract with hints of tartness and sweetness to counter the salty and savory of the ham and eggs. 

And this is absolutely overkill but if you're a foodie looking to take things to the next level, get their tater tots. They are super crispy and perfectly hot in the middle. Dip them in some grape jelly for the perfect sweet and salty bite and thank us later!

The Bananarama French Toast features thick slices of brioche, Nutella coffee spread, maple syrup, a whole banana sliced length-wise then bruleed, and freshly sliced strawberries. The bruleed bananas are the stuff dreams are made of. For those 21+ who want to add even more razzle dazzle, you can sub in Bourbon Maple Syrup for $2 extra. 

Located in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood, they've made great use of the entire space both inside and out. There is a bar tucked away in the back of the diner that opens later in the evening. We visited in cold and wet February but we can imagine in the summertime this place will have a popping' outdoor area to enjoy boozy milkshakes. The interior is totally a vibe: the tile work, the signage, the music, even down to the classic diner plates and cups used to serve the food. All of it combined brings in a nostalgia reminiscent of the 80's and 90's. The family photos on the main wall provide a lovely background into some family history. 

Service at Don's Diner was also 100. They were filling up quickly but we were greeted promptly once we entered. Once seated, everything was like clockwork. The team there knows what they are doing. There are so many other things I'd like to try on the menu, we will for sure be back. On Fridays, they also have 10 cent martinis (up to 3) if you buy an entree. We are so there. 

Don's Diner & Cocktails
1100 S 1st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

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