Dorsia - Milwaukee, WI (Review with Photos)

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(Note: This post was pre-scheduled. Our visit to Dorsia occurred a while ago and we have been staying home per recommended guidelines since beginning of March.)

We were looking for a date night kind of place. Dorsia is definitely a date night kind of place. When we first walked in, we were off to a cold start with the hostesses. Not the most friendly if you did not have a reservation, which we didn't. After a few minutes, they agreed they could give us a table if we were done by a certain time to which we understood and agreed. I believe if this is an issue they experience a lot, just politely informing people who are not aware it is recommended versus treating potential customers like they might be turned away could help ease the situation. So, lesson learned. Make a reservation. 

Aside from the hostess situation, the service we received during our dinner was great. The wine list and cocktails were great. We started off with the Fried Brussels, tossed with roasted pine nuts, capers, Parmesan cheese, and a lemon caper aioli. The caper flavor definitely overpowers the brussels, I think the combination was good but lots of bitter and sour flavors meshing together.

Next up, pasta flight. We picked four: Duck Carbonara, Bolognese, Lobster Mac n Cheese, and a Cajun-style pasta that I believe was on their daily specials.  All of the pastas were great. The meat/pasta/sauce ratios were all great and well-portioned. We could have gotten away with just eating 3 instead of ordering 4 but we wanted to try as much as we could. The presentation is great. 

We did have time for dessert so we opted for the Budino, a chocolate sponge cake. Clever presentation: the cake underneath a layer of whipped cream, served in a cappuccino cup. 

Overall, we would come back (next time with a reservation). There are also pizzas and lots of other tasty appetizers on the menu that are worth a try. The execution of what we had was great and the wait staff were very helpful, friendly, and professional.

1307 E Brady Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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