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Happy Dough Lucky's Loaded Mini Donuts - Mequon, WI

Saturday night, we had dinner at the Mequon Public Market! (NOTE: This post was pre-scheduled, we have been staying home per recommended guidelines and this visit was from earlier last month!) As huge fans of the Milwaukee Public Market, we definitely have been meaning to check it out and finally got a chance to. We chose Bavette La Boucherie for dinner as they had some interesting items, including a Pork Belly Banh Mi sandwich served with Beef Fat Fries. They also had a discount on canned wines so we indulged!

Bavette, inside the Mequon Public Market - Chili with cornbread and honey butter

First up, Chili with fresh cornbread and honey butter. I am a fan of having lots of vegetables in my chili and this one delivered. The cornbread was crispy on the outside, thick and fluffy on the inside, and looks to have been cooked on a skillet. Proper. The honey butter was salty and sweet. The perfect accompaniment to the cornbread and a great contrast to the rich chili. 

For the sandwiches, we ordered the Pork Belly Banh Mi, the Cuban Sandwich, and the day's special which was a Meatball Sandwich. The Beef Fat fries were also soo good!

The banh mi was decent. The meat was tender, bread was toasted and warm, the sauce was spicy enough. The vegetable ribbons were difficult to eat but the flavor was there nonetheless. The Cuban was the top sandwich for me: cheesy and proportionate, chock-full of pickles (which I find lacking in a lot of Cuban sandwiches) and a good amount of mustard. The meatball sandwich was executed well, the meatballs were rustic and not too dense which made them easy to bite into and enjoy. They were bursting with flavor and seasoned well, topped with shredded cheese and sliced olives. Service was also friendly, we did not feel rushed and they made sure we had everything we needed. 

Bavette, inside the Mequon Public Market - Pork Belly Banh Mi

Bavette, inside the Mequon Public Market - Cuban Sandwich

Bavette, inside the Mequon Public Market - Meatball Sandwich

For dessert, we stopped over at Happy Dough Lucky for loaded mini donuts. They were $7 for 6 donuts, and you can pick up to 2 styles. We chose Strawberry and Nutella + Yabba Dabba Donuts (Cinnamon sugar, Fruity Pebbles cereal, Raspberry icing), then we got a second 6-pack with Banana and Nutella + S'mores. All were great, I mean you can't go wrong. The favorites were Banana and Nutella as the cold banana offered a nice contrast to the warm donuts and the Fruity Pebble one, the crunch and fruit flavors went really well together. 

Happy Dough Lucky - inside the Mequon Public Market - Strawberry and Nutella + Yabba Dabba 

Happy Dough Lucky - inside the Mequon Public Market - Banana and Nutella + S'mores 
We plan to head back soon to try the other food vendors, including Bowls, Santorini Grill, Screaming Tuna, Beans and Barley, Cafe Corazon, and Purple Door Ice Cream for dessert next time! There is also a second location for St. Paul's Fish Market that is located in a separate building next door to the Mequon Public Market. We were originally headed there but they had a 45 minute wait, usually we would wait but we were so hungry we decided to skip it this time. 

Mequon Public Market
At Spur 16
6300 W Mequon
Mequon, WI 53092

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