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After traveling back home from Mexico, we were pretty sunbeat and sunburned (read about our trip to Mexico and what it's like to travel right now). Drew and I spent a lot of time healing up on aloe and moisturizer afterwards. I have really sensitive skin so it's a pain to deal with sometimes but the best go-to for peeling and dry skin is all natural soaps. It seems counterintuitive but I swear it works. I usually use a Dove body wash in my shower routine but sometimes, when my skin needs to reset, I go back to using oatmeal soaps and all natural products. 

My favorites are Lush products and Shameless Soap Co. Shameless Soap Co is local right here in Wisconsin and I swear by their products. I received the Raw African Soap as a gift last year and it made a huge difference in my skin. My skin was smoother, shinier, less blemished, and just had a better feel overall. Immediately when I started peeling from my sunburn, I ordered new soaps right away using their online store. I received my order fairly quickly since we're not too far from them, about 1-2 days. I used the Raw African Soap to help cleanse and gently exfoliate. It helped the healing process much faster and doesn't leave any soap-residue that most commercial soaps have. The Raw African Soap is vegan, made with 4 all-natural, pronounceable  ingredients and only cost $7.00 from their online store. 

I also purchased their Oatmeal and Lavender soap, also $7.00. Oatmeal has extra healing tendencies if you're prone to hives, rashes, mosquito bites, and other skin conditions like eczema. The lavender has a calming effect that helps to soothe your skin and also great for helping you relax enough to sleep better. It smells so good and lathers almost like a creamy body wash. I used it to exfoliate before shaving and it works to keep your skin smooth and free of irritation. 

I also wanted to note the cute, eco-friendly packaging. The soaps were wrapped in pages from books. Although the Raw African Soap did have plastic wrap around it, which makes it look like a fudge brownie, but I believe it's due to the nature of the ingredients being more moisture-prone than the oatmeal and lavender bar. 

My tip: never leave your bars of soap in the shower or tub. I have a separate container just for each soap that I drain and move out of the shower after every use into a closet where I keep most of my other products. It does add an extra step to your routine to move it in and out of the shower with you, but it's the best way to keep your soaps dry and clean. 

Anyone else have a weird or unique skin remedy that they always can count on? 

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  1. Sounds like a great product! I hope you had a great time in Mexico!

    lots of love, Miri


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