July 2020 - Weekly Recap 1

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I've decided to better keep up with what's going on in our lives and help with foodie inspiration, I'm going to try writing up these weekly recaps for you guys. I'll try to share as much as as possible without being too boring 😅 and also share quick weeknight recipes we're cooking up or which local places we are ordering food from. 

SUNDAY 7.19.20

We did a lot of cooking at home this week and it felt so nice to finally be able to create in the kitchen again. There's a specific type of feel that comes with having lot of fresh produce in the fridge and preparing foods with as many colors as you can. We used whole wheat pitas to make Caprese Flatbreads, using pesto as a base, fresh mozzarella cheese, and sliced grape tomatoes. We baked them in the oven to get the cheese nice and melty, then finished it with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Not too much though, it can make the flatbread sort of soggy. And a side of Caesar salad for dinner on Sunday. 

We worked on some business errands throughout Sunday with did a lot of deep cleaning and decluttering around the house. When it was all done, it felt so nice to relax in a clean space after such a productive day. 

MONDAY 7.20.20

Monday was a tough one, I had trouble sleeping so I decided to stay up through the night and start with remote work right away. By the time Drew left for work in the morning, I was starving so I had some leftovers and pushed through some more work. 

For dinner, we had wine 🍷 and Sushi Bowls (below), with sushi rice tossed in rice vinegar, plain and spicy crab, sautéed shrimp, sliced cucumbers and avocado, shredded nori, and furikake seasoning. Super easy and you don't even have to know how to roll sushi to satisfy the craving. We also made appetizers of pork potstickers with a spicy chili oil sauce, to make it feel extra fancy like a date night in. 

We relaxed the rest of the night and ended up watching, of all things, the Twilight movie series on Prime. It seemed like an appropriate date night movie. 😂 Crouton snuggled with us in bed. 

TUESDAY 7.21.20

I had a hard time getting up this morning, after not getting much sleep the night before, I found myself making up for it in a DEEP sleep this day. Drew had off work so we enjoyed breakfast together. We made Yogurt Parfaits with vanilla greek yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, granola, and honey. 

For lunch, my sister had training in Chicago so she brought us sandwiches from our absolute favorite Vietnamese sandwich shop in the world, Ba Le. She brought us some Banh Mi sandwiches and tuna banh mi's. It was our first time trying their tuna sandwich and we were blown away. I don't think any of us would have thought that a Vietnamese sandwich shop could execute a tuna sandwich in a life changing manner. But it was. I thought about this tuna sandwich all damn day afterwards. 😂 

For dinner we made Buffalo Chicken Fries. We put some shoestring fries in the air fryer, sautéed some ground chicken with taco seasoning and garlic, then when the chicken is off the heat we added buffalo sauce. We topped the cooked fries with Colby jack cheese, the buffalo chicken mix, and drizzled it with ranch. We didn't have any green onions for garnish so we used cilantro. 


Wednesday was a good day. Work went by super fast and we made Shrimp Burrito Bowls for dinner with brown rice tossed in cilantro and lime juice, corn, pinto beans, sautéed bell peppers, avocado, cheese, and grape tomatoes. Then Drew and I had a mini date night and went to La Reve near our house for after-dinner desserts. We picked up a bunch of of stuff for tonight and for the rest of the week! Including macarons, a Napolean, a Paris Brest pastry, a chocolate chunk sea salt cookie, and almond croissants. 

THURSDAY 7.23.20

For breakfast I had an Almond Croissant that we got the night before and some tea. I was able to work from home in the morning and then work in the office in the afternoon. It was nice to see some of my coworkers and catch up! For lunch, I stopped at Outpost on the way home to pick up some vegan enchiladas and a Kale Kiwi Apple juice from the cafe and juicery. Outpost has such good vegan and non-vegan lunch options, all sustainably sourced and made with quality ingredients. 

For dinner we brought food home from Sweet Basil, Mee Ka Tee noodles (below), Crab Rangoons and Combo Lad Na noodles! 

FRIDAY 7.24.20

I had a smoothie for breakfast, made with strawberries, spinach, almond milk, and pineapples. We had lots of remote meetings for work on Friday. Our company hosted an all-employee meeting via Zoom and it took up a big portion of the day. I spent the entire evening working on our restaurant business' stuff. A lot of accounting, paying bills, budgeting, and also marketing. We are redesigning our brochures for the final time and changing our menu, so a lot of time is dedicated to getting it right. 

For dinner, Drew picked up some Jamaican food from a local place here called Island Jam. They don't have a website but it's a very no-frills place. You call, they don't even take your name down. You order and they just know who you are when you arrive. It's uncanny. We ordered Jerk Chicken, with rice and beans, plantains, and cabbage. It's Drew's favorite food place right now and it's SO good. I always tell myself I'm not going to finish the whole thing and I finish it every time. 

SATURDAY 7.25.20

I spent the day working on more business-related projects. I updated our online menu, created a catering menu and made it live on our website, and also took a large catering order. I worked with the customer on their order and then ran to the store for some supplies. I started the mid-morning off working at the restaurant from 10:00am til around 1pm. Made sure the catering order was picked up and we smoothed over any issues. After I left the restaurant, I went to the Asian supermarket to pick up additional restaurant supplies and headed home. 

For a late lunch, we made Spicy Chili Oil Dumplings. They are some of our favorites from Din Tai Fung so we try to make them at home. It's not quite the same, but it's close. I boil frozen dumplings in a pot and then crisp them up just a little bit, then I made a sauce using dumpling sauce (soy sauce, vinegar, MSG, sesame oil, ginger) and mix it with a spicy chili oil. Then we toss the dumplings in the finished mix. It's really good. 

Drew and I went back to the restaurant to work the dinner shift. I spent the shift writing down the serial numbers of our equipment and cataloging everything. I also got to have a meeting with my mom to finalize her thoughts on the menu and brochure. It's really a blessing to be able to work with my mom on business-related projects. I like to let her know I value her opinion, we like to give her the freedom to create new dishes as she pleases and make changes if she feels there are dishes that aren't selling as well or if they are taking too much of her prep time. We did end up cutting a small portion of our underperforming dishes and adding two new dishes. I like to show my mom the sales reports and numbers, she's always impressed with the technology and likes quantifying things with me. 

We closed up the shift and left the restaurant around 10pm. We stopped by Oakland Gyros on Layton for some quick food on the way home. We didn't have time to grocery shop so I ordered our groceries on Amazon (this has been such a game changer) and got our groceries delivered exactly when we got home! Easy, peasy. 

SUNDAY 7.26.20

On Sunday, I woke up early and spent the morning catching up on emails and working on the blog! Drew had a golf fundraiser with his dad so he was expected to be gone for the day. I hung out in bed for most of the morning working on my laptop and hanging out with Crouton. Then for brunch, I made quick Smoothie Bowls. For the smoothie, I put in a whole avocado, spinach, frozen blueberries, vanilla greek yogurt, and a banana. We topped the smoothie bowl off with strawberries, blackberries, fresh blueberries, and granola. 

I ran a ton of errands with my brother for the restaurant in the afternoon. We are looking to buy a new computer for the business but Best Buy didn't have many choices in stock. Then we went to the Container Store to purchase some food storage bins and look at shelving units for more organization ideas. When 
Drew was done with his gold even later in the evening, we went for a quick dinner date. We got sushi takeout and had a mini date night in the car since it rained. We shared Salmon, Tuna, and Yellowtail Nigiri, Shrimp Tempura rolls, and a Spicy Crab roll. We talked for hours in the car as it continued to rain and got caught up with each other, we ended up staying out pretty late. 

Hope everyone had a great week and that this week treats you well!

- Vicky

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