August Weekly Recap 1 // (8.3.2020 - 8.9.2020) - My Birthday Week!

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Hey guys! I'm totally late on posting my weekly recap but I promise it's a good one. This past week was my birthday week and we did lots of celebrating! I'm really humbled to have been on this earth for 30 years and I have so many beautiful and wonderful people to be grateful for. 

Drew and I are really strict on our budget. We've cut out a lot of things from our spending habits including shopping, beauty appointments for me (nails, hair, eyelashes, etc.), going to the movies (not that we can now?), dining out, and miscellaneous spending. This extreme budgeting has allowed us to travel more often and save more money. For my birthday, we've traditionally spent it in New York or somewhere new. Since we couldn't travel, we decided to use the money we would've spent on traveling on a week of dining out with no limits. Very weird feeling for us as we usually stick to making our own food or limiting ourselves when we do get food from a restaurant. Having a full week to splurge made us feel like celebrities and it was like crossing off a bucket list item we didn't know we had.   

MONDAY 8.3.2020

All week I was very productive since I was in a good mood. I'm hitting longer fasting periods during my fasts now. I used to only fast for about 12 hours and now I'm up to 16-18 hours! For lunch on Monday, I made a chicken Caesar salad wrap with red onion and avocado for some extra vegetables and a side of apple slices. For dinner, we ordered seafood from Red Crab here in Milwaukee. It was our first time trying them out and Drew's first time trying Cajun-style seafood in a bag. It was really good! We ordered extra potatoes and corn but we didn't need to, the combo deals come with them already so FYI if you plan on giving them a try. 

TUESDAY 8.4.2020

Tuesday was date night! It was Drew's turn to pick and he planned a picnic with some takeout from a new place we hadn't tried before. We ordered dinner from Blue Bat located in downtown Milwaukee, with a variety of modern fusion tacos, a teriyaki salmon bowl, along with chips, guacamole, a tomato salsa, and a mango salsa. We enjoyed all of the food and the views by the lakefront. The weather cooled down enough that we were able to wear hoodies after we ate and laid down to enjoy the sunset. We talked and had a really good time. 

My tan from Cancun is really doing me a'well.

WEDNESDAY 8.5.2020

Wednesday was pretty chill. Yogurt parfait with granola, honey and fruit for lunch. 

THURSDAY 8.6.2020

Thursday was a busy one. Worked both jobs heading to the restaurant straight after working the day job. We did a photoshoot with our new menu items which I was really excited about. We're going to launch the photos in a series on both the business' instagram and facebook pages. Our friends, Mike and Emily, visited and we were able to hook them up with some food and catch up on life. They're getting married in about 2ish weeks and we are excited for them!

FRIDAY 8.7.2020

Birthday gifts started rolling in. I got these Happy Birthday Donuts from Angel Food in MN. It's so colorful and the flavors were creative. You guys know (especially through my blog posts) that we eat fairly healthy as often as possible so we decided to be big kids for my birthday and enjoy lots of sweet treats. We worked pretty late on Friday in preparation for the weekend. 

For dinner, we ordered Italian for takeout. Little known fact is that despite having a worldly palate, one of my top 3 favorite dishes (like I'm talking probably what I would order if I had to choose a final meal type of favorite) is spaghetti and meatballs. I don't get to eat it often because I'm limiting my red meat intake and staying away from heavy foods but it seriously is my kryptonite. 

SATURDAY 8.8.2020

Saturday was my actual birthday. I woke up to gifts and balloons set up in the living room. My siblings snuck them all in the night before after I went to bed. I'm usually good at figuring out surprises and anticipating what they are usually up to, but this one caught me off guard. It felt like Christmas morning, coming out in pajamas and a blanket wrapped around my shoulders like a royal cape, and opening a bunch of presents lol 😂👑 We had an epic brunch from Brownstone Pancake Factory. They ship you an entire box that can seriously feed up to 10 people. We got waffles, pancakes, churro French toast, so many sauces like hot fudge, Nutella, peanut butter, icing, raspberry sauce and then a plethora of candy and toppings. I lived out my kid-at-heart dreams. #30goingonto13

The final surprise of the day was when Drew took me to go pick up some amazing and freshly made treats from a local shop called Bougie Berries. The owner is amazing and they are a black-owned business. We got a variety of their chocolate covered berries including their signature Strawberry Crunch, along with milk chocolate, red velvet, & peach crunch. We also got 3 of their cupcake flavors: strawberry crunch (get this one), birthday cake, and strawberry shortcake (this one has a cream cheese frosting). 

SUNDAY 8.9.2020

On Sunday, it was my grandma's birthday. We hosted a socially distant backyard bbq shindig with immediate family. We had to adapt by not blowing out birthday candles on the cake, but blowing out candles that my grandma and I held during the singing. My brother also brought out a ping pong table to serve the food on so there was ample room for people to grab food around the table without standing too close. Drew ordered by ombre birthday cake from Black Twig Bakery! It's raspberry almond flavored. Fun fact: Black Twig Bakery is owned by the same owners of C. Adams Bakery who did our dessert catering at our wedding!

I will have a birthday haul recap up soon showing you guys everything. I got some messages on my story asking what gifts I got so I'm going to share the details along with pictures on my next blog post. Thank you to everyone who made it this far and if you're digging the weekly recaps, feel free to subscribe via email by clicking here or subscribe via Bloglovin here

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