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In our quest to support as many local restaurants and businesses as possible, we ordered several food platters from Meat on the Street. We've seen people raving about these platters on social media and couldn't wait to finally get a chance to give it a try. We ordered SO much food, because we wanted to try everything and it felt like such a great value. 

We ordered the Sample Platter (shown above) with [clockwise, starting from top left] Shanghai Lumpia (the longer egg rolls); Pancit Bihon, a seasoned rice noodle dish cooked with veggies and chicken; Tofu and Chicken Binakol, a coconut milk broth with onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms over rice; Hot Chick, which is grilled chicken served over garlicky rice and enhanced by spiced vinegar and aioli; Garlic Rice, which is SO good. The Sample Platter also came with Turon rolls, dessert-style banana rolls [top left of second picture].  We also got the Kabob Platter [last photo], with an assortment of chicken, pork, and beef skewers, pork and veggie eggrolls and an extra side of just veggie eggrolls. 

The team was also nice enough to hook us up on their Pandan and Ube ice cream pints since there was a slight wait when we arrived at our curbside pick up time. We weren't in a rush and happily waited, but the gesture was absolutely appreciated. BOTH ice cream flavors are phenomenal. The Pandan flavor is a staple in Asian cuisine and they brought out the flavor in full force. The Ube, is a very flavor similar to sweet potato. It's a purple yam, that errs on the sweet side and has a distinct taste. If you are a huge fan of sweet potatoes and sweet potato-type desserts (sweet potato pie, plz), this one is a must. The colors of the ice creams are both so vivid and bright, you'll feel like a kid at heart eating brightly colored ice cream flavors. 

If you only get one thing, make sure it's the Kabob Platter. The flavors are outstanding, well marinated and the portions are generous. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire meal and everything made for great leftovers. The eggrolls reheated in the air fryer works wonders to bring the crunch back. is where we placed our order. I recommend following them on social media for the best deals and to get a good sense of what they are serving up at the time. 

Check them out at: 

Meat on the Street
1125 N. 9th St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

Happy eating!

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