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Last year, I started making mini cheeseboards lunches in our meal prep rotation. I started to get a lot of positive messages about them on my IG story, so I wanted to share with you guys some more inspiration and how easy it is to put together. There's no cooking involved at all, and barely any prep work aside from slicing a few things. 

Here are some screenshots of the original IG stories:


  • Colorful fruits like your favorite berries or grapes
    • Stay away from fruits like bananas or apples, since they brown easily
    • Peaches work great too
    • If you do use apples, douse them in lemon juice to prevent the apple slices from browning
  • A wheel or some wedges of cheese 
    • The best ones to pair with fruit is Brie, white cheddar, or gouda and they can be found in your grocery store's deli section or in the specialty cheese section. 
    • Brie is featured in the photos below. You can buy a wheel of Brie for about $6-8 and slice it up to be used across several containers if you're meal prepping 
  • Sliced meats 
    • Salami works best and can also be found in your lunch meat or deli section
    • Proscuitto is fantastic if you're feeling fancy
    • If you only have sandwich lunch meat on hand, that works too! In the tutorial below, I used sandwich lunch meat!
  • A "Green" item
    • This can be cucumbers, like I have below, or sliced bell peppers, pickles, olives, etc.
  • Something crunchy
    • Melba toasts
    • Crackers
    • Nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, candied nuts)
  • Something sweet
    • Chocolate chips
    • Mini chocolate bars
    • chocolate bar that has been broken up into smaller pieces
    • chocolate covered pretzels
    • honey
    • jam (strawberry, fig, grape, whatever you like!)
I started by slicing the brie into smaller individual portions. If you've never really had Brie or a cheeseboard before, it's a great starter cheese. It's mild in flavor, pairs well with meat or sweets and nuts. It's a semi-soft cheese versus something like cheddar which is harder and more solid. This makes the Brie easy to slice, easy to eat and easy to somewhat smear onto your crackers or squeezed between lunch meat or salami. The texture on the outside of brie feels weird. Not gonna lie. It's going to feel papery and unnatural. This is absolutely normal and okay to eat! It's an all-natural process and it's basically the rind of the cheese. 

I place the cheese in the reusable containers first. If you're using more than one kind of cheese, go ahead and place your cheeses and arrange them however you like. There really isn't a right or wrong way. I then add the strawberries since they are the next biggest thing. Then I fold the lunch meat in half, then in half again, and then in half again and line them up together side by side in the corner. I sliced up some cucumber slices and placed them next to the meat. 

Then you take all of the smaller bits like the blueberries, nuts, and chocolate chips and sprinkle them into the smaller sections to fill the empty spaces. I pair our mini cheeseboard lunches with these melba toasts. They are individually wrapped, perfect for grabbing in the morning when you are packing up your lunch. They're toasty and crunchy, the perfect accompaniment. But any type of crackers will work, even buttery round crackers.


I hope this helps, friends! Especially, if you're new to the cheeseboard game. It looks intimidating with all of the creative and colorful cheeseboards on Instagram nowadays, but it's much easier and simpler than it looks. There's no cooking required at all and it's a really great way to eat as many colors of the rainbow 🌈  as you can in one meal. 

Happy eating!

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